Which is the Most Secure Front Door in UK?

The front door to your home is not just the entrance path into your home, it’s the main defence against intruders. There are many options when it comes to choosing a front door, but a well-reinforced composite door is the most secure. 

Read this article to find out more about the types of doors available in the UK, which ones can withstand the elements and which ones are more affordable. 

What is Important About a Front Door?

When you first decide you need a new front door, there are many things you should keep in mind. Maybe you’re renovating your house or building a house from scratch, a front door needs to be functional, secure and also stylish. Security is the most important factor, astonishingly nearly 40% of burglars enter through the front door. 

What Types of Doors are on the Market?

There are many types of doors on the market in the UK, as crime rates rise year upon year, companies constantly present us with new ideas and materials for front doors. However, there are three main types of doors that are used more than most.

Composite Doors

A composite door is the best choice if security is at the top of your list when searching for a new door as they’re sturdy and have a long lifespan. These doors are known to withstand incredible amounts of force, so much so that even police need specialist tools to get through composite doors. 

They have a steel frame that has been reinforced to the highest level, a hardwood internal frame as well as a reinforced plastic outer layer. You should combine this door with a well-fitted and high-quality lock to make it near impossible to break. 

The only drawback of a composite door is that they are an investment, these doors can be very expensive and it’s still quite difficult to source a good quality one without paying an extortionate amount.

UPVC Doors

Around 15 years ago these UPVC doors were all the rage, most households had one of these as a front or back door. They are still very easy to source and come in several styles.

The modern UPVC door has improved a great deal when it comes to quality and security, compared to the first ones on the market over 70 years ago. They’re relatively cheap compared to other doors and can be sourced exceptionally easily. 

Unfortunately, due to the cheap price, these doors come with some drawbacks. Firstly their lifespan is extremely short (10-15 years) and as they get older their security level reduces. Also, you can only have one lock on these doors so if you want to have several locks to improve security, it’s not possible. 

Wooden Doors

Traditional and often quite beautiful, the wooden door has been around for centuries. These are relatively easy to source around the UK as they are still one of the most common choices, even with new builds.

The main benefit about the wooden door is that they come in so many shapes, styles and designs that they can suit any home. Also, wooden doors are extremely solid, if combined with a sturdy lock a timber wooden door would be very difficult to break into. 

Unfortunately, because of the wooden material, these doors do need some amount of upkeep over the years and if not done correctly, the lifespan of your door can be reduced dramatically. 

Is the Supplier Important? 

Of course, as with anything, you need to ensure that the supplier of your front door is reputable and reliable. You may see and hear popular company names but before purchasing a door from them, always check what materials they use in their installation process. If these two factors are of a high standard then you can guarantee you will get a great door! 

What Should I Search for in a Supplier?

It might seem obvious but you need to do a lot of research before you go ahead and purchase a front door. You must remember that this door is the entrance to your home as well as being the first point of ‘easy’ access, or that’s how some burglars may see it. 


The most important factor would be to find a supplier that has excellent reviews. Whether that is on their website (be aware this can be edited by them so not always 100% accurate), on comparison websites or their social media pages. 


As unfair to new companies as this might seem, It’s also important to note that experience is key when it comes to doors. A company may have the best door in the world, but if they have no experience in installation or maintenance, they might not be the right choice. 


Again, it might be an obvious point but materials are what make the door! Always research what materials the supplier uses, ask them all the questions you want, interrogate them even. Find out as much as you can about where they source each material from and how they prepare it and input it into the door. 


The most reputable companies will offer a guarantee when you purchase one of their doors, this can range from 5-15 years. Be aware that if a company offers you a shorter guarantee than 5 years, this probably means that they aren’t confident that their door will last that long, which is, of course, a big red flag. 


The material of the door is important, but what locks are compatible with the door is also a huge factor. Every lock on a front door in the UK should meet the standards of PAS24 as this is the minimum security requirement against break-ins. 

Additions That Could Improve Security

There are additions some doors allow you to make to increase your security. If you’re on a tight budget and don’t want to buy a very expensive door, these additions will help you secure your household for less. 

  • Door chains 
  • Letterbox guards 
  • Spy holes 
  • Video doorbells 
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