7 Best Driveway Gates

Improving the curb appeal of the home is something that we are all keen to do. Perfectly manicured lawns, potted plants, garden ornaments and solar lights are all viable ways of achieving this but a driveway gate can give the exterior or your home an executive feel. Not only this but a driveway gate gives your property and added layer of security, which has never been more important.

When you buy a driveway gate, this is quite often a one-time purchase or at least one that you won’t be replacing any time soon. For this reason, it is essential to choose a gate that is of the highest quality as well as looking great. In our guide to the best driveway gates, we will be introducing you to some of the best products on the market as well as providing you with some top buying tips. 

  • Updated June 2021

The Top 7 Best Driveway Gates

The options you face when it comes to choosing the right driveway gate for your property are extensive. While everyone will want or need something different, we firmly believe that these are some of the best gates on the market today. 

Best Metal Gate

Manor Arched Ball Top Driveway Gates

Manor Arched Ball Top Driveway Gates 2134mm (7ft) GAP x 1220mm High wrought iron dual swing metal...
  • Ball Top Arched Driveway Gate made from solid metal 25x10mm frames and 12mm infill bars.
  • Fits a post to post 2134mm (7ft) GAP x 820mm rising to 1220mm High. (2134mm is not the physical...
  • Electro-galvanized for added protection and powder coated black. Fittings included for mounting to...

Metal gates are an excellent way to give the property a more modern feel and they typically go with any backdrop. Whether you have a garden full of greenery, wooden fences or something very minimal, this open-style metal gate won’t serve as an imposing feature. 

The material is wrought iron so if you are looking for a solid structure that will stand the test of time, then this is an excellent choice. But what’s really impressive about this metal gate is how affordable it is, especially when you consider the quality of the construction. The metal is both galvanised and powder coated meaning that it boasts a level of durability usually seen in more high-end gates. 

However, we believe that this gate serves as more of an aesthetic feature as opposed to a security gate. This is because of the open design and relatively low height. But if you want something that will make a stylish statement, it’s perfect. 

Judging by the affordable cost of this gate, it comes as very little surprise that while everything you need to install it is included, you do have to source your own screws. 

Beautiful designNo screws included
Made from strong, quality materials
Rust Resistant
Suitable for driveways with a 7ft gap

Best Wooden Gate

Ruby Cottage Driveway Gate

Ruby Cottage Driveway Gate (10ft x 5ft)
  • Pressure Treated Entrance Gate - Extra Bracing
  • Planed T&G for inner component of gate
  • c24 3x2 and 4x2 used for bracing and stiles

For driveways that require a higher level of security, this 5ft high wooden gate will close the property off from the outside world. This is also excellent news for homes where extra privacy is required. While it may be slightly more expensive, you do have a lot of advantages with this product. 

For example, this wooden gate is made from the highest quality materials. The wood has been pressure treated, removing air and therefore creating a much more long-lasting product. Since installing a driveway gate shouldn’t be a regular job, this kind of longevity is imperative. 

Moreover, the Ruby Cottage gate is very easy on the eye. The gate offers a traditional design that would perfectly complement a country home and with a 10ft gap is ideal for larger driveways. Being a swing gate, this is a more suitable option for even driveways without obstructions. 

Made from premium timberHeavy
Great looking
Good height
Very secure
Suitable for wider driveways

Best Security Gate

Heavy Duty Driveway Gate Wooden Infill

If you are looking to secure your property then this heavy duty gate is one of the best options on the market. Featuring a solid metal frame that gives the gate an excellent basis for stability, it is infilled with wooden slats. This is also brilliant if you want a gate that will offer privacy. 

While this product is slightly more pricey than our last two options, it serves a much more practical purpose. Moreover, you can clearly see the difference in quality when you compare this to a more affordable gate. The materials have been carefully manufactured and constructed and there is something of an air of luxury around this gate. 

While the gate comes in a standard size of 2700mm x 1800mm, the manufacturer will make custom orders which is great news if you have an especially large or small driveway. However, with such a brash appearance, some people may find that this gate is a little too imposing as an entranceway to their property. 

Modern aestheticMay be a little too imposing for some
Excellent for security purposes
Blend of materials give the best of both worlds
Solid structure
Choice of widths

Best Looking Gate

Abbey Modern Driveway Gates

No products found.

While some people are looking for a gate that will secure their property, others are keen to get their hands on a nice-looking entryway to add curb appeal to their home. The Abbey gate does exactly that; while it may not offer the most in security, it does look fantastic.

This is a low gate at 812mm and is constructed from a sleek black metal with an aesthetically pleasing design. The galvanised metal means that you are getting something incredibly durable and weather resistant. One of the main worries with metal gates is that they may rust but treatments like this mean that corrosion is far less likely and if it did happen, it wouldn’t be for a very long time. 

The Abbey gates are very easy to install so if you’re looking for a DIY project, these would be the right fit. That said, there are some reports that the latch is a little fiddly to fit but on the whole, it’s an easy job. 

Very nice lookingNo screws included
Easy to installLow
Made with durable materials
Suitable for wider driveways (3265mm)

Best Affordable Gate

Saxon Speartop Driveway Gates

No products found.

There may be quite a few people out there who are looking to give their home exterior the once over without breaking the bank. Many of the high security gates are coming in at eye-watering prices but if it’s affordability you’re looking for then the Saxon Speartop driveway gates are a great choice. 

You could be forgiven for thinking that at such a low price, the gates wouldn’t be as strong or reliable as some of the more expensive products we have looked at, but that is a common misconception. These gates are made from wrought iron which is known for its strength so not only are you not having to part with much cash but you’re getting something that will stand the test of time. 

What’s more, the spearhead design of these gates will up the level of security; no intruder is going to want to scale a gate that could cause a serious injury if the foot were to slip. But with a height of just shy of 5ft, the security of these gates is pretty impressive nonetheless. 

The Saxon gates can be fitted to a range of materials whether you’re attaching them to brick, concrete, wood or anything else. The only drawback is that the screws are included so this will require a small additional cost. 

Very secureNo screws included
Versatile – can be used on different surfaces
Durable and strong
Attractive design
Excellent value for money

Best High-End Gate

Bell Curved Top Metal Double Swing Driveway Gates

No products found.

Security is one of the main reasons that a lot of people install a gate and if you want this to be at the max then these high security, high-end gates will suit you perfectly. Unlike our last offering, these gates will cost significantly more, but you should consider these to be an investment. 

The Bell Curved Top gates have a stunning aesthetic appeal and look incredibly luxurious. If you want to make a sophisticated statement at your home’s entryway, these will do that effortlessly. Moreover, they are made from powder coated aluminium meaning that they are incredibly robust yet lightweight and easy to operate. 

The gates offer total infilling for optimal privacy. If you have a social area at the front of the home and don’t want prying eyes looking in, these gates will provide this. What’s more they are versatile enough to be mounted to either the wall or on a track for a sliding operation. 

These gates are more costly than any of the others on our list but with them, you are getting a 5 year manufacturer warranty which gives you excellent peace of mind. Moreover, the materials and treatment used mean that the gates require very little maintenance other than cleaning. 

Total privacyExpensive
Very secure
Made from robust materials
Easy to care for
Good warranty

Bonus Gate

GO TO TOP Flat Top Strong Garden Gate Driveway Fence

GOTOTOP Flat Top Strong Garden Gate Driveway Fence Wood Double Doors with 1 Lock, 1 Handle and 1...
  • Our fence gate is made of spruce wood and hot-dip galvanised steel, making it stable and durable.
  • The metal frame guards against rust, forming a practical security barrier for your patio or terrace.
  • With one lock, one handle and one ground pin, our garden gate provides a high degree of security and...

Many driveway gates have a very similar appearance and while these are very pleasing to look at, some people would prefer to make a statement. The GOTOTOP gates are excellent for this since they have an appearance that is quite unlike anything else. 

However, looking great is not the only benefit that these gates have to offer. They boast a galvanised steel frame which is great if you are looking for something weather resistant. Most outdoor metals will have been treated this way and this offers protection from rust and heat damage from the sun. The infills are made from spruce which has one of the highest strength to weight ratios out of all types of wood. 

But what reallys this gate apart from the rest is that it is so easy to use. It comes with one lock making it quick and simple to secure without compromising its integrity. The only issue is its height from the ground although the overall height at 150cm is pretty decent. 

Very strongHigh off ground
Good looking
Easy to secure
Easy to maintain
Offers a lot of privacy

What To Consider When Choosing A Driveway Gate

It can be tempting to go straight for a gate that you like the look of and finding something that is aesthetically pleasing is important, because after all, you’re going to be looking at it for a long time. However, this is only one consideration and there are several factors that you should mull over before making a final decision. 

What Will You Use The Gate For?

When looking at driveway gates, one of the most important things to think about is what the gate will be used for. Many people buy these gates for security reasons, in which case, you will need to find something capable of securing your property effectively. 

On the other hand, you may be buying a driveway gate to improve the exterior appearance of the property. In this case, the qualities you will be looking for will be vastly different.  If you plan to attach a gate letterbox, check out our guide.

Swinging Gates Or Sliding Gates

The way that the gates open can impact how easy they are to use. For example, if your driveway opens out directly onto a road, a sliding gate will prevent you from interfering with other road users when you open and close them. These sliding gates are typically more expensive than swinging one as they offer a greater degree of security. 

Moreover, sliding gates are better for wider driveways as hanging a swing gate on hinges past a certain size may prove too heavy and the gates would buckle. That said, sliding gates are generally used in a commercial setting which may not be a look that you want for your home. 

Swinging gates can be made up of either one of two doors, although two is more common. It is important to keep in mind, however, that this design is a little more tricky to open and close, but not drastically so. 

A swinging gate is ideal for smaller, narrower driveways but they work better on level surfaces. If the ground is sloped, then a swing gate can prove to be very difficult to operate. They may not offer quite as much security as their sliding counterparts but they do come at a much more affordable cost. 

Powered Or Manual?

If you want to avoid having to get in and out of the car every time you want to open or close the gates, then a powered, electric driveway gate is a good option. Of course, it goes without saying that this feature will set you back a pretty penny more than a manual gate. 

A powered gate will be far more convenient but they also come with the addition of regular maintenance which is something you will need to factor in over the long run. A swing gate will typically require less upkeep than a sliding gate.

You should also think about how the users of the gate will access the power controls. Some gates come with a remote control which offers excellent convenience whereas others rely on an intercom system. You’ll find that most gates can be installed with some sort of power system but along with the methods we have already mentioned, there are gates that require a passcode or card to gain entry. Moreover, you can pair your electric system with security cameras for added protection. Of course, doing this will require a more significant investment. 

What Material Do You Want?

Shopping for driveway gates will yield a significant number of options. You will notice that many are made from either wood or metal, or perhaps a combination of both. You may want to consider the materials that are used around the property already. For example, if you have wooden fences, a wooden gate might finish off the look. 

Wood will provide you with a more traditional look and metal is typically the best option for those looking to create a sleek modern look. However, you should also consider the security of each material. Metal is a much stronger material and is generally used in high-security gates thanks to its robust nature. While metal is a lot easier to maintain, it will come at a higher cost. 

Wood does offer a degree of security and there is no doubt that the mere presence of a gate can be a deterrent for potential intruders who won’t want the hassle of having to scale a barrier like this. However, it is not as strong as metal and if it is not properly cared for, it will become warped over time. With that in mind, if you are looking for a more affordable option, wood is without doubt, the best choice.  Check out our article about 7 best iron gates.


A driveway gate is an excellent way to secure your property and add that all-important aesthetic appeal. Fortunately, no matter what your needs, there are a wealth of options to choose from and while we are confident that these gates are some of the best, we would always advise thinking very carefully about what you require and how you want your gate to operate. 

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