7 Best Iron Gates For Driveways (Our Top Guide For You)

Iron is an incredibly strong metal that is perfect for outdoor use. Not only is it durable, but many of the best iron gates for driveways come in some striking designs, meaning you get excellent visual appeal too. 

If you’re in the process of installing new driveway gates and have decided that iron is the way forward, you’re in the right place. We have been checking out some of the best options and are pleased to say that there are some amazing products out there. 

Why Use An Iron Gate?

Driveway gates come in all shapes and sizes and of course, are made from various different materials. While there are benefits to using wooden, steel or even aluminium gates, iron has the upper hand in many ways. For starters, this is an incredibly durable material that is not easily rivalled. When you purchase iron gates, you can rest safe in the knowledge that they will stand the test of time. 

This durability presents itself in many ways. Owing to the density and strength of iron, gates made from this material are far less likely to warp, bend or dent, which could be the case with other materials. What’s more, they are much more difficult to mark or scratch and are unlikely to fall victim to shock damage. 

Since the weather in the UK is so unpredictable and there are some pretty serious extremes in terms of temperature and humidity, you need materials that are going to be able to withstand this without corroding. Fortunately, iron is just as durable when it comes to resisting rust. Now, it is important to remember that, in its natural state, iron is very susceptible to rust. But when it is treated, like almost all iron gates are, it develops a resistance that is second to none. 

When you install an iron gate at the entrance to your property, you are creating a very effective security barrier. A lot of gates have a good height and this means that intruders will be deterred from trying to get over. More importantly, since iron is so strong, it can be extremely difficult to break into. Unless a potential intruder is so ballsy that they are willing to stand on the street with power tools, they aren’t going to be able to get in. 

Many of the best iron driveway gates are incredibly ornate and decorative. This means that creating a stunning aesthetic for your property is much easier. Plus, when the gates require repairs, which won’t be very frequently, they are easy to repair especially if you hire the assistance of a professional iron specialist. 

All of these benefits make iron driveway gates an extremely popular option but what really sets them apart is that they will add value to your property. Since they are so secure and durable, potential buyers will be willing to pay more for a property that features them. Not to mention that there is something special about an iron gate that other materials simply don’t have. 

Top 7 Best Iron Gates For Your Driveway

After inspecting and testing several iron driveway gates, we found that there were some that really stood out from the crowd. We’re pleased to bring these to you, so let’s take a look at some of their best features. 

Manor Arched Balltop Driveway Gates – Top Pick

Manor Arched Ball Top Driveway Gates 2134mm (7ft) GAP x 1220mm High wrought iron dual swing metal...
  • Ball Top Arched Driveway Gate made from solid metal 25x10mm frames and 12mm infill bars.
  • Fits a post to post 2134mm (7ft) GAP x 820mm rising to 1220mm High. (2134mm is not the physical...
  • Electro-galvanized for added protection and powder coated black. Fittings included for mounting to...

The Manor driveway gate is the perfect combination of security and looking great. The gates offer a pleasing aesthetic and will compliment any type of property thanks to their contemporary design. But in addition to this, you will notice that they are incredibly well made and so perfect for securing your property. Moreover, the 12mm infill bars provide small enough gaps that nobody could squeeze through. 

While not the highest gates in the world at a little over 81cm, they do come in a choice of sizes meaning that you will likely find a set that fits your driveway perfectly. The Manor gates are made from galvanised wrought iron; this treatment ensures excellent rust resistance and improved durability.

The gates are extremely solid and heavy giving them a really robust feel and they are also very easy to install. They do come with brackets, hinges and other fittings but you will need to source screws separately.

Very robustNo screws included
High quality craftsmanship
Come with fittings
Galvanised iron
Contemporary design

Regent Scroll Driveway Gates – Best Decorative Gates

Regent Scroll Driveway Gates 3048mm (10ft) GAP x 914mm High Galvanised Wrought Iron Metal gate...
  • Scroll Driveway Gates made from solid metal 25x6mm frame and 10mm infill bars.
  • Fits a post to post 3048mm (10ft) GAP x 914mm High. (3048mm is not the physical width)
  • Electro galvanised for added rust resistance and powder coated black. Fittings included to mount to...

At a slightly lower price than the Manor gates, the Regent gates have many similar features but have a much more traditional scroll design. This is ideal for people who want to stay in keeping with an older property, perhaps. 

Unlike the Manor gates, these ones are much lighter. This could be a pro but some might see this as the gates being lower quality. This is not true, the Regent gates are incredibly well made and will stand the test of time. Moreover, this lightweight design is great for people who don’t have the strength to handle heavier gates. 

We also loved the fact that the Regent gates are so easy to install. They do come with all the relevant fittings, but just like the Manor gates, they aren’t supplied with screws. 

LightweightNo screws supplied
Great quality
Easy to install
Choice of gap sizes
Traditional design

Classic Scroll Driveway Gates – Best Value For Money 

Installing a set of iron driveway gates doesn’t need to come with a huge price tag, despite what you may have been told. These classic style driveway gates boast a range of advantages and don’t cost anywhere near what some of their competitors do. 

For example, the gates offer a beautiful traditional aesthetic that compliments period properties and older homes. What’s more, the gates have a very high-quality finish that makes them look much more expensive than they are. 

In terms of installation, they do come with everything you will need, aside from the screws (again) but they are a little trickier to fit, especially for those with dexterity issues. That said, it can still be done with some time and patience. 

Can be installed to brick or wooden postsTricky to install
Comes with fittingsOnly comes in one size
Beautiful traditional design
10mm infill bars for security
Good quality finish

Anself Driveway Entry Gate – Best Ornamental Gate

Anself *s Driveway Entry Gate Metal Gate Ornamental Iron
  • ☀☞Our gate is fully forged, which is thicker and heavier than most iron gates on the market.
  • ☀☞This garden gate is fully submerged in galvanizing compound and then powder coated to be rust...
  • ☀☞This gate also comes with a bolt hinge for quick lock and mounting posts for easy...

If you are looking for a driveway gate that is going to vastly improve the visual appeal of your property then the Anself gates are an option well worth considering. These are among the most stunning driveway gates and what’s more, they are incredibly affordable and so a great option for people working to a budget. 

In terms of durability, these aren’t the most robust gates but they will serve you for a decent amount of time and provided that you take good care of them, there is no reason that they shouldn’t last almost as long as some of their more durable competitors. 

What’s great is that you can literally feel the quality of the Anself gate which is thick, heavy and very well made. Add to this to eye-catching design and you’ve got something that will more than allow you to keep up with the Joneses. 

Beautiful appearanceNot as durable as other gates
High quality craftsmanship
Very secure
Comes with a bolt 

Saxon Spear Top Garden Gates – Best For Driveway Paths

Saxon Spear Top Garden Gates 762mm GAP x 950mm High Wrought Iron Metal gate SAZP05/1
  • Spear Fleur-de-Lys Garden Gates from solid metal 25x10mm frame and 12mm infill bars. Electro...
  • Fits a post to post 762mm GAP x 950mm High to top of spears. (662mm is the physical gate width)
  • Fittings included to mount to brickwork, metal or wooden posts. (no screws included)

If you only have a narrow opening on your driveway, or perhaps a footpath entrance, then this gate is ideal thanks to the lesser width. That said, there is still a choice in terms of how wide the gate is going up to a gap of 1067mm. 

The gates also offer greater height at 950mm making them the highest on this list. The features give additional security which is boosted by the spear design that an intruder is unlikely going to want to try to scale. 

Even better, the Saxon garden gate gives your property a contemporary feel. The design is the perfect balance between modern and traditional and it certainly won’t ever go out of style. The gate can be installed on a brick, wooden or metal post giving you greater diversity as to where you place it. 

Ideal for narrow entrance waysNot suitable for wider driveways
Excellent for security
Come with all the fittings
Powder coated wrought iron is durable and resistant

Abbey Modern Driveway Gates

Abbey Modern Driveway Gates 2755mm GAP x 812mm High wrought iron dual swing metal gate ABZP11
  • Modern contemporary Driveway Gate made from solid metal 25x8mm frame and 10mm and 6mm infill bars.
  • Fits a post to post GAP of 2755mm x 812mm high.
  • Electro-galvanised for added rust resistance and powder coated black. Includes fittings to mount to...

The Abbey driveway gates offer a modern security and aesthetic solution where many other gates have a much more traditional or ornate appearance. Not only this, but these are among some of the most affordable gates and yet the quality and craftsmanship is not compromised. 

These stunning gates come in a choice of three sizes, the largest of which will fit a 3565mm gap meaning that even larger driveways can benefit from their use. Moreover, there is the option to add ball tops, if you prefer. You get everything included to fit the gates and they can be hung on brick, metal or wood. 

What we really liked about the installation of these gates is that they come with incredibly easy adjustment so you can ensure that they are level without any faffing around. 

Level installationDon’t come with screws
Durable and weatherproof
Come with fittings
Choice of sizes
Modern appearance 

Stirling Driveway Gates

STIRLING Driveway Gates 2438mm (8ft) GAP x 914mm High Galvanised Wrought Iron Metal gate ST13ZP
  • Quality Scroll Driveway Gates made from solid 25x10mm frame and 10mm infill bars. Electro-galvanised...
  • Fits a post to post 2438mm (8ft) GAP x 914mm High to top of scrolls. (2438mm is not the physical...
  • Fittings included (no screws) to mount to wall or metal or wooden posts. Has adjustable hinges.

If you are looking for a more lightweight driveway gate then the Stirling might be worth your consideration. These are much lighter than some of the other choices and so are great for elderly people or those who haven’t got the strength to open and close heavier iron gates. However, this does not mean that the Stirling gates are not of the best quality. They are superbly well made and have been galvanised to ensure they will resist rust and damage. 

Moreover, these driveway gates provide a more traditional appearance thanks to the scroll design. Fitting them is easy although there are no instructions included in the package. But the installation is self-explanatory and you get everything you need, aside from the screws; which appears to be a recurring theme so it might be worth stocking up before choosing your gates.

If you want a gate that is a little higher than some of the others we have looked at, the Stirling gates might be just what you have been looking for, With a maximum height of 914mm, they offer that little bit of extra security. Additionally, you will notice the generous choice of widths. 

Good choice of sizesNot a good choice for those who want a modern aesthetic. 
914mm high
Option to add ball top rails
Galvanised for rust resistance
Easy to install

What Should I Consider When Choosing An Iron Driveway Gate?

Since there are so many options when it comes to iron driveway gates, you have got your work cut out when choosing the right one. It pays to take your time and do some research; reading guides like this one will give you a clear idea of what the best products are but you will still need to look over the features to ensure the gate meets your needs. 

Height And Width

One of the most important things to think about when choosing an iron driveway gate is whether it is going to fit your driveway entrance. While it is possible to purchase a bespoke gate that is made to measure, this will generally cost a lot more and you will have to wait longer to receive your gate. 

When shopping online, you will notice many different sizes of driveway gate so it is crucial to take measurements and buy a gate that meets these exactly. 

Moreover, you will need to think about the height of the driveway gate. This will depend on the level of security you want. Some people want the gate as a purely decorative item and in this instance, you don’t need to worry so much about finding something high. However, if you want the gate to serve as a barrier to potential intruders, you will be better off selecting something taller. 


Railheads that are pointed are excellent if you are installing your gate for security purposes. They will make it much more difficult, uncomfortable and potentially dangerous for an intruder to scale. However, there are other options that provide a beautiful visual appeal. 

You should consider the reason for installing your gate and make a decision on the best railheads according to this. Of course, personal preference also comes into play here. 

Wrought Iron vs Cast Iron

When you look at driveway gates made from iron, you will usually notice that they are made from wrought iron. This is because this is a more modern approach to metalwork where iron is concerned. However, there are a large number of reclaimed cast iron gates out there if this is something that appeals to you. 

The main difference between the two is how they are made. Cast iron is formed by pouring molten iron into a mould where it is left to solidify. On the other hand, wrought iron is heated up and then the metalworker will use tools to shape and manipulate it. These two production methods result in different strengths. 

Wrought iron is much more flexible than cast iron since it contains more carbon and this allows metal workers to more easily manipulate it. When it comes to making gates, this makes the process much more simple which is why you don’t really see cast iron gates anymore. However, the hard, inflexible nature of cast iron makes it perfect for things like frying pans and cookware. 

How Does The Gate Open?

There are two main ways that a driveway gate can open; swinging or sliding. Swinging gates are the most common choice as the mechanisms are much easier and cheaper to install. But if you are limited on space then a sliding gate provides a viable solution. 

When choosing an iron driveway gate, you will need to make sure that it is compatible with the style of opening you intend to use. If you plan to attach a gate letterbox, check out our guide.


An iron driveway gate gives you many benefits including improved security as well as looking incredible. There is something luxurious about an iron gate that simply cannot be achieved when using other materials; one might even say that owning an iron gate is something of a status symbol.

When you choose your iron gate, you will need to keep a few things in mind to make sure that it meets your requirements. But for the most part, these gates are strong, reliable and add an effortless beauty to your home. 

If you’re unsure of the best products, we have got you covered and our top picks of the best iron gates for driveways shows you some of the hottest products on the market right now. 

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