What To Think About Before Installing Automatic Gates

There are a lot of advantages that come with installing an automatic gate on your property, especially if you do it the right way and it’s a quality project. However, there are caveats to everything and you want to explore all of your options before taking the plunge.

One of the considerations is cost versus property value. You also want to consider, available space, the type of gate, AC or DC motor, and maintenance. These are all worthy considerations and could make a significant difference when it comes to your satisfaction.

If you figure out how you want it installed and the features you want to come with it, the benefits speak for themselves. It will typically raise your overall property values and strengthen the security of your home and property. 

What Should You Consider When Installing Automatic Gates?

One of the first things that should come to mind is how much space you have available, which translates into whether or not you want a swinging gate on hinges or a gate that slides open on a slide track. There are other options to consider as well.

  • Swing Gate or Slide Gate
  • The geography around the gate
  • Overall cost
  • Maintenance
  • Type of motor

There is more that goes into the decisions between a swing and a slide gate than just how they operate. Cost is a major consideration. Sliding gates are more expensive than gates that open on a hinge because there are far more moving parts.

The more working parts that you have to deal with, the more expensive it gets. A swing gate will typically have the motor and the hinges operating to open it. With a sliding gate, you have the motor, rollers, and a slide track. It’s far more complex than a swing gate. 

The geography around your potential gate installation spot is also a priority. If you have one of those yards with a lot of bumps and lumps, a sliding gate may be the best option for you. If your gate will be located at the bottom of a decline or the top on an incline, a sliding gate will work better.

A wide-open, generally flat space is the most ideal condition for a swinging gate since it won’t dig into the dirt when it opens. Small variations in the area can either be smoothed out or you can consider wheels that have a limited capacity to move up and down as they roll.

The overall cost means that you should consider the total cost of the project against how much value you’ll gain for the property. Installing an automated security gate is definitely going to raise your home’s value, but how much?

Maintenance is another consideration. It’s often been said that the most disappointed people are the ones who buy pools and boats. The reason for that is maintenance. A swing gate is very low maintenance, outside of oiling the hinges and checking the motor.

A sliding gate requires a solid amount of inspection time because even small amounts of dirt or debris will be enough to jam up the works when the gate is sliding open or shut in its track. You’ll constantly need to be aware of the sliding track to keep it free of debris.

Lastly, whether or not your motor is AC or DC is worth thinking over carefully. You will want to install a battery operation if power loss from storms or other adverse weather is a recurring condition in your area. 

However, batteries have to be replaced periodically and that’s not something you have to do with a motor that’s plugged into an AC power outlet. The best-case scenario is to install the gate on AC power but provide a backup battery supply in case of power outages. 

Other Benefits From Automatic Gates To Consider

There’s no question that there are more benefits to an automatic gate system than there are negatives. Especially if you have a large family or a few children and/or pets.

If your property is entirely fenced in with the exception of your driveway, an automated gate is a wonderful addition that can keep your kids and pets safe from traffic beyond the gate. 

Since you’ll generally only open it to drive out and in, it is an effective deterrent to keep either from running out into the road. 

Also, many insurance providers offer discounts to those who install automated gates on their property. They do so for obvious reasons, as automated gates serve as an effective deterrent against thieves and anyone who could potentially cause property damage. 

An automated gate is also a great way to improve your property’s privacy, which in turn helps boost the property’s overall value. It helps keep out solicitors and gives your driveway and front yard area some extra concealment from prying eyes.

Aesthetics are given a big boost as well. Nothing screams “well taken care of property” than an automated gate system. You don’t just have to install a standard, black, aluminum gate either. The great thing about automated gates is that there is a large variety to choose from. 

You can go with gothic styles, steel, and the chrome look if you want. You can accessorize it with art or stones and whatever style fits your design preference. The point is, you can really get creative with an automated gate and drive up the overall curb appeal of your home’s entrance. 

Lastly, you get the added convenience of being able to secure your property when you’re away without having to get out of your vehicle and open the gate when you get home. Of course, you have to get back out, walk down the drive, and close the gate as well. 

Final Word

There are a lot of reasons to get excited about installing an automated gate system. The positives far outweigh the negatives and, if you consider your options thoroughly, even the negatives can be sufficiently minimized to nothing. 

Overall, your property values will improve, insurance rates will drop, and you’ll add both security and privacy for yourself and your family. 

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