How To Block Wind On Your Patio

I love spending time outdoors, especially al fresco dining. But there is nothing more annoying than sitting on the patio enjoying a nice meal but having to deal with gusts of wind that blow things all over the place. 

If you’re sick of dealing with similar problems or simply don’t like having to sit in a breeze then there are things you can do about it. Building some sort of wind guard will drastically reduce the breeze on your patio so you can relax without feeling as though you’re going to be blown away!

Why Install A Wind Guard

The main reason to install a wind guard is obviously to block wind but these installations can serve many other purposes. For example, depending on what you go for, you may be able to achieve shelter from other types of weather such as harsh sun. 

Additionally, a wind guard will add a decorative element to your patio and since there are so many options, you can choose something that fits in with the theme of your garden. If you’re looking to add character to your outdoor space then this is a great way to do it. 

Most homes are overlooked in one way or another whether that’s by neighbouring properties or public walkways and roads. Adding wind guards ups the privacy of your patio so you can relax without feeling as though you’ve got prying eyes all around you. 

Some types of wind guard will double up as a noise barrier. Things like hedges are really effective when it comes to blocking sound from passing cars or noisy neighbours. 

Ways To Block Wind On The Patio

The great thing about making the decision to install a wind guard is that you’re not going to be short on options. Whether you want something natural or to make a big statement, anything can be easily achieved. Let’s take a look at some ideas.


For areas where there are lots of strong winds, trees make an ideal blocker. What’s more, they are natural and perfect for green gardens. 

If you’re fortunate enough to have a larger garden then you can choose from a much wider range of trees. Things like conifers are ideal as they’re very dense and will keep wind out as well as blocking noise. However, you might also choose pine or spruce, both of which are just as effective.

It’s possible to create a layered look using trees and shrubs and be sure to plant your trees in rows for the greatest effectiveness. 

For anyone that enjoys wildlife, trees are a brilliant way to attract things like birds and squirrels to your garden. However, you should keep in mind that this isn’t an instant fix as you’ll need to give the trees time to grow. Once they do get to their full height, you’ll have a long lasting wind guard that won’t require too much maintenance aside from a little annual pruning. 


If you don’t have the space for trees or want something a little more discreet yet still natural, shrubs are a great option. They’re brilliant for patios that experience gentler winds but I would suggest choosing something evergreen so that you reap the benefits all year round. 

I love the aesthetic value of shrubs too and there are so many different types so you can really add some homely character to your patio while effectively blocking out the breeze.

If you’re not very green fingered then shrubs probably aren’t the right option for you as you will need to stay on top of watering them and keeping them pruned. 


Bamboo screens have become really popular in gardens over the last few years and that doesn’t surprise me. They create a natural, contemporary appearance and practically speaking, they serve several purposes. 

They’re great at keeping wind off the area but they’re also ideal if you’re looking to improve the privacy on your patio. 

Installing bamboo screens can be a little tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing. However, there are plenty of installation services out there and while this does come at a cost, you’ll have a long lasting solution that requires very little maintenance. 


Another fantastic natural wing guard is trellis as you can use a variety of climbing plants. I think this works really well in cottage gardens where you can install freestanding trellises among rose bushes for a really traditional English feel. 

Trellises probably aren’t idea in areas where there is severe wind and you’ll have to make sure that your freestanding trellis is secured to the ground.

The great thing about growing certain climbers like ivy is that you don’t need to be a gardening expert to maintain them. 

Decorative Panels

There are so many decorative panels out there in a whole host of different styles so you’ll always be able to find something that fits in with the style of your garden. One of the best things about them is that many can be adjusted once installed so you can open and close them according to the conditions. They’re also brilliant if you want to add some privacy to your patio. 

When the weather is warmer, you can open the panels and allow the breeze in but when it’s too gusty, simply close them again. This is ideal if you want to spend time in the garden in unfavourable weather. 

There are lattice panels which are perfect if you live in an area where there are moderate winds. They’re ideal for growing plants and these will fill the gaps, providing you with further protection from the elements. 

For those that want something solid, wooden panels are a great choice. These are easy to build so if you fancy a DIY project, I’d highly recommend them. What’s more, wooden panels can be painted to fit the theme of your garden and add a high level of privacy.


It’s possible to build fences around your patio which will be really effective when it comes to redirecting wind. Solid wooden fences also provide a lot of privacy so they’re ideal if you have close neighbours. 

Metal fencing delivers an ornate look and you can install planters along the fence to fill any gaps and give it more visual appeal. 

Patio Blinds

Patio blinds, or roller awnings are great if your patio is exposed to mild wind. One of the best things about them is that they’re adjustable so you can control the level of protection you need. 

Your patio blinds will be installed above the patio so they’re also perfect if there are a lot of windows overlooking the area. Moreover, on hot, sunny days, they will provide protection from harmful UV rays. 

There are lots of choices in terms of materials, colours and styles so you can choose something that really suits your garden. Plus, when they’re not in use, the roller awning can be retracted and looks very discreet.


If you’re looking for a more permanent solution then it’s worth considering building a wall around the patio. Where there are strong winds, this is the perfect solution and you can create a wall that fits in with the garden. You might even decide to plant a flower bed along the base of the wall to really beautify it. 


If you build a pergola with a louvred roof then this is one of the best ways to block out wind. It doesn’t matter whether you live somewhere with a mild breeze or heavy gusts, a pergola will do the job well. 

These structures come with a wind sensor that, when activated, will open or close the slats on the pergola. They’ll constantly change according to the wind speed so you won’t have to lift a finger. 

Another great idea is to build a pergola and add blinds around the sides. This provides you with a lovely place to relax regardless of the weather.


Nobody wants to sit outside and be blasted by the wind but we also don’t want to have to miss out on spending time in our gardens. 

If your patio is frequently windy then there are lots of ways you can block this and still enjoy your outdoor space. For a natural solution, try planting trees or shrubs. But if you want something more sleek and modern you might try sliding panels or bamboo screens.

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