How Much Does It Cost To Install New Gutters?

It’s vital that your gutters are fully functional and in order to ensure this, you’ll need to clean them at least once a year. However, during this routine maintenance, you may notice that the guttering is cracked or damaged and it’s important to replace them if this is the case. 

A lot of homeowners will put off installing new gutters because they’re worried about how much it will cost. However, knowing what to expect can soften the blow. In this guide, I’ll be discussing how much you’ll likely have to pay and the importance of replacing damaged gutters. 

Why Is It So Important To Install New Gutters?

The thought of having to fork out for new gutters could leave you reeling but when you think about the potential damage not doing so could cause, it suddenly becomes worth it. 

It’s very common for debris like leaves, feathers, twigs and other things to block your gutters but these are easy to remove and restore the flow. However, if there are holes, missing pieces, cracks and other damage, this will need fixing as soon as possible. 

Functional guttering ensures proper control over the flow of water around the property and will prevent water from collecting around its foundation. Moreover, if the guttering isn’t intact then there is a serious risk of damage to the fascias as well as a build up of mould which can cause further damage to the house. 

If water leaks from gutters then this can cause internal problems such as damage to the walls and ceilings. These issues can be seriously expensive to rectify and will certainly cost a lot more than just replacing a broken gutter.

How Much Will I Pay For New Gutters?

For 15 to 20 metres of guttering and three downspouts, you can expect to pay around £900.  This includes the guttering itself as well as the installation service

If your guttering isn’t in need of a total replacement then it may be possible to fix damage and this will naturally be cheaper. You’ll need to get a quote from your installer as the cost of remedial work will vary from project to project. Most suppliers will offer a free, no obligation quote.

Things That May Affect The Cost

While the cost that I mentioned above is pretty standard in the UK for new guttering, there are things that are going to affect the cost. 

The Quality

It can be tempting to go for the cheapest option when it comes to guttering in order to save money. But you’ll probably end up paying more in the long run as poor quality guttering won’t last as long and you’ll end up having to replace it much sooner. On top of this, the maintenance costs are likely to be much higher. 

It’s worth buying higher quality guttering and making a slightly larger initial investment. You’ll find that the gutters perform much better and you won’t have to replace them for many years to come.

Removing Old Gutters

If you require your old gutters to be removed then you’ll end up having to pay more for this service. Usually, you’ll be charged by the metre and this typically costs around £45 per metre for removal and replacement.

Gutter Materials

The great thing about having your gutters replaced is that there are a wide range of options in terms of materials. This allows you to give your home a different aesthetic and you can take advantage of varying levels of quality. However, some materials cost more than others and this is something you’ll want to factor into the overall cost. 


Copper guttering is one of the best choices if you want to spruce up the appearance of your home. On top of this they are very effective and perform well. You’ll also find that copper guttering is really durable and will stand the test of time. However, it’s not as expensive as you might think with an average of around £16 per linear metre.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that these gutters are quite valuable which can make them a target for theft.


Steel gutters come in between £20 and £30 per linear metre so they’re quite a bit more expensive than copper. But there’s a good reason for this; steel gutters are among some of the most durable and long lasting so if you live in an area where the weather conditions are pretty severe then they’re an excellent option. 


Aluminium guttering is a lot more expensive and, according to CheckATrade, costs £55 on average per linear metre. But these gutters are super lightweight and very easy to install. They’re also one of the best in terms of performance and will effectively direct water away from the home. 

However, it’s important to keep in mind that since this material is so lightweight, it isn’t as stable as some of the other options. The result is that it may become damaged more easily and doesn’t have the same durability as something like steel. 


A lot of homeowners choose vinyl because it’s such an affordable option. Generally speaking, you’ll only pay around £20 per linear metre and the downspouts are around £40 each. But despite being much more affordable than something like aluminium, you still get the same quality. 

This material is very durable and probably won’t need replacing for a good few years. However,  it does become less durable if it’s exposed to very demanding weather conditions which is something to keep in mind. 

Can I Replace Gutters Myself?

Unless you are qualified to fit gutters then I’d never recommend doing this as a DIY project. For starters, you’ll be working at height which can be dangerous. Scaffolding is usually a better option than ladders and this would need to be properly installed which comes with additional costs. 

What’s more, if you haven’t been trained to install guttering, there is a risk that it won’t be properly installed. This will affect the performance and could result in damage to your home over time. 

While you will have to pay a price for an installation service, it’ll be far less than having to fork out to replace damage from a dodgy installation. 


The cost of replacing your gutters can vary quite a bit depending on the quality and type of materials used and whether you need old gutters removed. However, generally speaking, you can expect to pay around £900 for all the gutters on your house to be replaced as well as the downspouts. 

I’d always recommend speaking to your chosen tradesperson who will be able to provide you with a personalised quote.

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