Disadvantages Of Resin Based Driveway

Resin is a popular choice of driveway and we know how important it is to get things right when you’re considering installing a new drive. However, while there are a lot of plus points to resin based driveways, you must think about the downsides before you make any commitments. 

If you’ve been trying to figure out if a resin based driveway is the right choice for you, we’ve laid out some things to consider. 

Getting The Right Installer

One of the biggest problems with resin bound driveways is that there are not currently any regulations in place in the UK. This means that anyone can work as a resin driveway contractor even if they have very little experience. 

You wouldn’t go to a hairdresser that had never picked up a pair of scissors in their life so why would you want to hire a resin driveway contractor with just as little experience? The result could be an incredibly shoddy installation and you won’t get the kind of service you’d expect. 

Moreover, if you’re working with an unlicensed contractor, there’s nothing protecting you in the event that things do go wrong. These people may simply disappear. That said, there are a lot of good resin driveway installers out there but the issue is that you have to spend a lot of time researching to find them.

You’ll need to read reviews, look at previous work and ask a ton of questions. All of this is time consuming especially when you consider that finding a contractor for other types of driveway is far less hassle. 

Mould, Moss And Stains

Resin driveways are much more prone to moss and algae growth. While these can both be easily removed, it does mean that these types of driveways require a lot more maintenance. With most of us living incredibly busy lifestyles, the last thing we want is to have to spend unnecessary hours cleaning and sweeping the drive. 

You must also consider that some resin driveways may stain more easily than other materials. This is largely down to the colour of the driveway and lighter colours will show up stains very easily. For this reason, if you are going to have a resin driveway, we would recommend going for a darker colour.

Where maintenance is concerned, sweeping away moss and algae will probably not be the only thing you have to do. Resin based driveways can end up developing mould if they are not properly cared for and kept clean. We’ve seen a lot of people out there raving about how low maintenance resin is but we have to disagree as you’ll really need to be prepared to stay on top of things. 

The good news is that it is possible to use your pressure washer on a resin bound driveway which does make keeping it clean a little less of a challenge. 

Fading Over Time

As the resin based driveway is exposed to UV rays, the colour will begin to fade. Now, this isn’t going to happen right away but it will happen more quickly than other materials. 

That said, some colours may last longer than others so if you insist on having a resin bound driveway then we would suggest speaking to a specialist to find the most appropriate colour. 

Not Suitable For High Traffic

While resin driveways do look good and have many positive points, one thing you definitely need to keep in mind is that they’re not ideal for high traffic areas. If you have heavy vehicles or will turn cars on the drive then this could result in premature damage. 

It’s really important to think about how you use your driveway and choose a material that is going to be able to handle this. Resin driveways do have some degree of durability but exposure to heavy traffic can wear the surface more quickly which could lead to cracking. Once this happens, the damage will only extend deeper into the driveway and will cost a lot of money to put right. 

Are There Any Good Things About Resin Based Driveways?

Our aim in this guide is to present you with some of the disadvantages of owning a resin based driveway. However, this type of driveway may be suitable for some homeowners and it would be unfair of us to completely snuff the idea of having a resin driveway.

There are some people that report that resin driveways are expensive but this is not the case. One of the major plus points of these driveways is that they are incredibly cost effective when you compare them to other types of driveways. The average cost of installing a resin driveway is currently between £40 and £70 per square metre which is markedly lower than something like block paving. 

Here are a couple more plus points to consider. However, do keep in mind the disadvantages we have discussed to make sure that this type of driveway is going to meet your needs. 

  • Easy installation
  • Looks good
  • Eco friendly 
  • Good range of choice in terms of colour and design
  • You don’t need planning permission 

I Don’t Want A Resin Driveway; What Are My Alternatives?

Looking at the disadvantages of a resin based driveway may have completely put you off the idea. However, there is an alternative that a lot of people are turning to and there’s a lot of good points to this.

NatraTex is a new material that is made from natural aggregates. It is possible to use this with resin or as an alternative and one of the biggest plus points is that it doesn’t peel over time in the same way that resin might. 

If you like the aesthetically pleasing finish of resin but aren’t awestruck by the downsides then NatraTex might be worth considering as it has just as appealing an appearance. 


There are a lot of good reasons to choose a resin driveway but in some situations, it might not be the most suitable choice. It’s really important to think about how you’ll use your driveway and what you expect to have to do in terms of maintenance before making a decision. 

Resin based driveways are prone to things like moss, staining and algae so you will need to make sure that you regularly clean them to keep them in good condition. Moreover, if there is a lot of heavy traffic on the driveway, this will damage it and the repairs could be eye wateringly expensive. 

While resin based driveways do look great, the colour fades very quickly leaving you with something that might not be what you imagined. 

Finally, you have to consider that the installation of resin bound driveways is not regulated in the UK. It is very easy to end up with a cowboy who could totally bodge the installation.

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