Creative Ideas for Your Driveway

For many years, it was your front garden that allowed you to add a bit of panache and style to the appearance of your property. But with the need to Turn A Garden Into A Driveway to accommodate additional cars, many people are now using their creative ideas in order to make their driveway stand out from the rest.

Obviously, the scale of what you can achieve very much depends on the size and shape of your driveway, as well as it befitting the ambience of the rest of the neighbourhood, but there are numerous ideas you can incorporate into your design and many landscape gardeners and driveway specialists have made it their business to offer you practical and affordable solutions.

Using Solar Lights

Solar landscape lighting can transform the mood of a driveway and it can be even more impressive if you have a driveway which also has a front lawn. It not only looks good but it improves visibility at night for both those who are driving and for people visiting your house on foot. It also acts as an alert to people of where to walk and not to walk if you have an adjoining garden.

Adding Flowers and Foliage

Flowers and foliage can bring a vibrant sense of colour to your driveway, and it is an opportunity to bring to life a unique design. Planting small trees, a flower border or a decorative rock garden will create an interesting and inviting drive leading up to your home.

Using Trellises

Installing a trellis on an adjoining fence, or wall or even over your front porch and planting fast growing vines around the structure, will alert people to a new focal point to your property, and will add a dramatic touch of ‘green’ to the environment. Trellises are particularly appealing to those who don’t have space to have a front garden, and they are a creative solution which can also divert the attention away from a simple concrete driveway and garage.

Using Stone

Those with a penchant for arts and crafts might care to use a variety of stone to create an interesting driveway. Rock gardens can be extremely impressive especially if you combine large rocks and smaller ones of different contrasting colours. Gravel stone also comes in different colours to reflect your personal taste and each colour scheme can give your driveway a totally different feel and mood and you’re only limited by your ideas.

Redesigning the Shape

If you have the space and it’s practical, adding a curve or two to your driveway can give it the impression of being an appealing country road. Curves also afford you the luxury of bringing another additional focal point, such as a magnificent fruit tree, a garden sculpture or two, or a water fountain alongside your paving.

Concrete Driveway

A Concrete Driveway is often the choice for people who are going to be in and out with their cars because of its ease of maintenance and for its durability. Additionally, it lends itself to a vast array of design options which can not only have a dramatic effect on the landscaping but can also increase your home’s value. A concrete driveway can have many different patterns designed to look like brick, slate and tile, and comes in so many different colours and textures with swirl and cobblestone effects to name just two.

In fact, paving driveways and driveway design are both crafts that have become so popular that many companies have been established to provide creative design solutions and installations to an area which, up until a decade or so ago, was often overlooked. So much so that today, new creative ideas about driveways are often thought of with as much importance as, say, landscaping your garden, and with some creativity, you, too, can give your driveway an appealing makeover.

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