9 Best Remote Control Outdoor Lights

When it comes to outdoor lighting options, there are a lot to choose from. But if you are looking for something convenient then remote control outdoor lights are the way forward. You won’t need to worry about motion sensor activation or relying on a switch, you’ll be able to illuminate an area without moving from the car or your seat. 

What Are The Best Remote Control Outdoor Lights?

More and more manufacturers are realising the importance of having a remote control with outdoor lighting and as such there are a lot of great products on the market. However, not all are made equal so we have spent some time trying some of them out and we believe the following are within the elite. 

APONUO RGB Garden Pathway Lighting – Best Overall

APONUO RGB Garden Pathway Lighting with Adapter, 30m/98.4ft 12V LED Landscape Lights with Remote...
  • RGB Landscape Lights: LED Color-changing spotlights with adapter, remote control. The light has 16...
  • 12V Low Voltage & 30M Cable: 12V safe working voltage compatible with low voltage landscape lighting...
  • Memory Function: When turn off the power and turn on the light again, it will keep the color same as...

We checked out a lot of outdoor lights with remote controls but these ones stood out as being the best thanks to a selection of user friendly features, versatility and durability. For starters, these are perfect if you want to create a stunning display outside your home. They come with 16 colours and 4 flashing modes that are incredibly eye-catching. 

What’s more, the APONUO lights are so easy to install and come with a 30 metre cable allowing you to place them where you need to. Once in place, there is no need to worry about maintenance since the lights are IP66 waterproof and made from brilliantly durable materials including aluminium and tempered glass. They will effectively resist weather and have the ability to sine for up to 30,000 hours. 

If all of that wasn’t enough, these lights have an A++ energy rating so are extremely efficient. They come in packs of four but at such a reasonable price with all things considered, you could double up for an even greater coloured light display. 

2 remotes includedWe really couldn’t find anything wrong with these lights
Various light modes and colours
Energy efficient
Long power cable
Can be ground or wall mounted

Lepro Fairy Lights – Best Decorative Lights

Lepro Globe Fairy Lights Battery Powered, 5M 50 LED Warm White Fairy String Lights, 8 Modes Remote &...
  • 【Battery Powered】The lights should be powered by 3 AA batteries (not included), allowing the...
  • 【8 Modes and Memory Function】Various lighting modes are available for you to choose with the...
  • 【Timer Function】By just a simple press of the "TIMER" button on remote control, the light will...

For many people, outdoor lighting is not merely about creating illumination but just as much about creating a welcoming atmosphere. For this, you need lights that are incredibly attractive and that is exactly what you’ll get with these ones. On each 5m string, there are 50 LED bulbs that are small and discreet, therefore perfect for decoration. Whether it’s to decorate a gazebo or add some ambiance to your patio, these make a beautiful aesthetic choice. 

But much more than that, they offer extremely convenient use. For example, there is a timer function that can be activated with the remote but if you don’t set this then they will automatically switch off after six hours, conserving the power from the 3 AA batteries.

There are 8 light modes to choose from and these are dimmable giving you a multitude of options. When you consider that these lights barely come into double figures in terms of price, this makes them even more attractive and being waterproof to a rating of IP44, they’re durable and resistant to boot!

Choice of lighting modesBad energy rating (G)
Pretty design
Auto off function

Piaek Solar Lights – Best Security Lighting

Sometimes, you need lighting that will deter intruders and provide sufficient illumination when you are outside your property after dark. For this, you need something reliable and not only does this light provide that but it does so for a snip over twenty quid; that can’t be bad!

This is a durable little light that can be easily mounted to the wall in just three steps. If you don’t want something that is going to take hours to install, you’re on the right track. Moreover, with excellent weatherproofing and an IP66 rating, you won’t need to worry about it breaking. 

The Piaek security light can be rotating 360º and casts its light over a 270º angle which is one of the better coverages we have seen. What’s more, with bright white light at a maximum of 700 lumens, it certainly acts as a deterrent. The light has three modes; dim, sensor mode and constant on so you can use it in a way that best suits you. These modes along with brightness and on/off functions can all be controlled with the included remote. 

Great light coverageCould be bigger
Adjustable brightness
Durable and waterproof
Easy to install
Energy efficient

Tiandirenhe LED Fairy Lights – Best Value Lights

Led Fairy Lights, 2 Pack 10M 100 LED Battery Operated 8 Modes with Remote Control, Waterproof String...
  • Portable battery operation: contains a small Ip65 waterproof battery box (2 * 2.7 inches), LED...
  • 8 mode settings: adjust 8 modes, choose your favorite combination, wave, continuous, blur,...
  • Automatic time setting: Press the "TIMER" button, the indicator will light up for 6 hours,...

Decorative outdoor lights are a great way to spruce up an entertaining area or add a little ambiance. However, for smaller areas, you may not want large lights that take over a space. In this instance, we would recommend these stunning fairy lights that are surprisingly bright considering the size of the individual bulbs. You get 200 lights for just a little bit over a tenner, which is certainly nothing to be sniffed at. 

The lights come on two strings of 100 so you have a little more versatility of where to hang them and they come with 2 remotes so each string can be individually controlled. There are 8 modes to choose from and the warm white light creates a welcoming atmosphere. 

While the lights can be used indoors, they are optimised for outdoor use thanks to a durable and waterproof design. If you forget to turn them off at the end of the evening, not to worry, they come with a timer as well as an 18 hour auto off feature.

Takes 3 x AA batteries which are easy to sourceNot suitable for larger spaces
Waterproof and durable
Great for patios and gazebos
Very bright

Honwell LED Parasol Umbrella Lights – Best Portable Light

HONWELL LED Parasol Umbrella Lights, Battery Operated Outdoor Parasol Lamp with Remote Control,...
  • [12 Color Changing Umbrella Lights] -10 Super Bright LED lighting and 4000K Warm White. It use for...
  • [Long lasting Run Time Patio Lights]- Produce up to 120 Lumens brightness output, the umbrella light...
  • [Lamp Parasol LED Timer]- 12 default colors with the remote control, you could choose the color you...

If you need lighting that can be easily moved around then this lightweight, battery powered umbrella light is the perfect solution. Not only is it great for use in the garden or on the driveway but it will also serve you well if you’re heading off on a trip. 

For anyone that doesn’t want to permanently install an outdoor light, the Honwell umbrella light is ideal. It comes with everything you need for easy installation onto your umbrella, giving you light at your garden dinner party and can be easily and quickly removed when you are finished. The only issues we found was that it isn’t waterproof, but then being under the parasol, it doesn’t really need to be. 

The light is incredibly versatile and while it glows a warm white, there is also the option for colour changing, dimming, and a selection of modes including strobe, flashing and glow. No matter what the occasion, the remote, which operates at a maximum distance of 20 feet will allow you to adjust the lighting to suit. 

Versatile lighting optionsNot waterproof
Compact and portable
Easy to install
4000k, 120 lumens warm white

Teselife 250w Equivalent Flood Light

Floodlights are usually pretty standard pieces of equipment but this one offers a much more exciting and aesthetically pleasing solution to this practical type of lighting. While it will work well as a source of illumination, the Teselife light also benefits from a colour changing function to give your home something extra special visually.

Moreover, this light comes with a very detailed remote which is vastly superior to much of the competition in that it allows you to alter pretty much whatever you want. There are a variety of operating modes as well as the option to create a custom mode. The 4000 lumen beam is cast over 150º and the durable tempered glass casing and IP66 rating ensure that this won’t succumb to the elements. It also has a great temperature range and will operate in extreme hot and cold without an issue. 

This is a mains powered light that comes with a 2 metre power cable so you will need to ensure that you have a power source nearby or be willing to use an extension lead.

Detailed remoteShort power cable
Auto on/off function
Can be mounted anywhere

Amabana Outdoor LED String Lights

Amabana Outdoor Led String Lights 48Ft, Waterproof Connectable Patio String Lights, 15 Hanging...
  • ✅Transform Your Backyard Into A Bistro - The Fule outdoor string lights create a warm soft...
  • ✅Energy Saving Lighting & 15 Hanging Sockets - 16 LED power saved light bulbs (1.5watt each, 22.5W...
  • ✅Weather-Tight & Connectable Outdoor String Lights - IP65 waterproof level, layers of insulation...

Industrial design has become incredibly popular over the years and this is a decor trend that doesn’t look as though it is going to go anywhere soon. In fact, we are seeing more and more people embracing this trend in their outdoor space and these stunning, industrial style string lights are perfect if you’ve brought this design trend outdoors. 

But not only do the Edison style bulbs look the part, these are also incredibly durable string lights that can be used both in the garden and for events like weddings. There are 15 lights on each 48ft string and they feature end to end connections so you can combine as many as five strings for the ultimate light display.

The cable is made from rubber and is super insulated to protect from damage, making them ideal for resisting weather as well as having an IP65 waterproof rating. But just to give you addition peace of mind, they also come with a two year warranty!

Can connect several stringsNot many bulbs per string
Extremely robust
Great aesthetic design
Lengthy warranty
Flexible cord

Indarun LED Solar Lights

INDARUN Led Solar Lights Outdoor Waterproof IP65 with Remote Control, Solar Powered Security Lights...
  • 【High Conversion Rate】 This solar led lamp provides higher power efficiency and energy...
  • 【3 Lighting Modes】 This solar lamp offers 3 lighting modes: Micro-mode+Induction mode, Induction...
  • 【High waterproof level】 It is waterproof IP65. This unique design can prevent indoor water...

If it is practicality you are looking for then you can’t go wrong with this solar powered light. It is beautifully easy to install and comes with everything you need to get started. The remote is included and offers basic functions allowing you to turn the light on and off and switch between the three power modes. 

The Indarun solar light isn’t as pretty to look at as some other lights but it offers a discreet and slimline design that is perfect for its function. We would suggest using this as a light to brighten dark alleyways around the home or to illuminate front doors and entranceways. 

The light is a single block that features 60 LED bulbs that shine up to 900 lumens. This is more than enough brightness for purpose and with an 8 metre remote control, you can operate it from a decent distance. What’s more, once the light is installed, it sits on an axis that allows it to be moved to varying angles, offering greater versatility. 

Adjustable angleNot great looking
Long distance remote
Motion sensor
Waterproof IP65

Ollny Curtain Fairy Light

Ollny Curtain Lights Indoor, 300 LED 3m x 3m Fairy Lights USB Powered, Waterproof Cool White String...
  • 【Eye-Catching LED Curtain Lights】3 x 3m 300 LEDs Ollny fairy lights curtain, together with an...
  • 【8 Lighting Modes & Remote Control】Ollny bedroom light 8 modes(Steady On, In Wave, Sequential,...
  • 【USB Power & Timer Setting】Ollny waterfall fairy lights are designed with a USB port, you can...

Casting a warm white glow, these stunning curtain lights are perfect for decorating a gazebo or porch. There are 300 LEd bulbs per curtain and they will cover an area of 3m x 3m which is just the right size for the applications we mentioned previously. 

The lights are made from a combination of plastic and copper making them surprisingly durable considering how delicate they look and feel. That said, we should point out that, while they are waterproof, they only have an IP144 rating, which is slightly lower than some of the other lights we have looked at so it may be best not to leave these out all the time. 

The curtain lights come with a choice of 8 modes and feature a timer that can be set, using the remote, for either 6 or 18 hours. Running on a USB connection, there is no worry over batteries running out or relying on solar power. 

USB poweredLower IP rating
Covers a large area
Choice of modes
Adjustable brightness
Energy efficient 

What To Look For When Buying Remote Control Outdoor Lights

When it comes to purchasing outdoor lighting with a remote control, there are a lot of things that you will need to keep in mind. Before you decide on anything, take a look over our buying tips to ensure that you always get something to perfectly match your needs. 

Type Of Lighting – Practical or Pretty?

There are several different types of outdoor light and depending on what you are trying to achieve, you might choose any one of these. Some people want lighting for aesthetic purposes such as creating a welcoming vibe on a deck or patio. In this instance, you might choose string lights, which are incredibly popular and can be hung overhead, on a fence or draped around furniture. If you’re looking for versatility, these lights are a great place to start.

However, on the other hand, you might be looking for something that gives a little extra security to your property and for this, you might wish to choose a floodlight or motion sensor light. These will activate when someone walks by and make an excellent deterrent for intruders. However, many still come with a remote which allows you to adjust the settings and gives you the best of both worlds in terms of operation. 


Outdoor lighting can be powered in so many ways and it is important to consider the best option for your home. You might initially think that mains powered lighting is the right choice but this relies on you having a long enough power cable and access to a power source. In some situations, this isn’t an issue but it very much depends on where you wish to place the lighting. If you want to place it further from the house, you must ensure that you find lights with a longer power cable. 

Alternatively, you might opt for solar powered lights. These are an incredibly popular choice and while some people are put off because of having to rely on sunlight, they are much more effective than you might initially think. However, it is worth checking on the reliability before purchasing to make sure that you are getting good quality solar lighting. The bonus to these is that they are typically very energy efficient, and you’ll get a decent amount of power out of them every evening. 

Finally, there are battery powered lights which offer convenience in terms of placement but lack in this where power is concerned. Many of these types of outdoor lights rely on AA batteries that sit inside a waterproof casing. While these are readily available, they tend not to last very long so you have the hassle of replacing them more frequently. 


When choosing outdoor lighting, one of the most important things to think about is whether it will stand up to the elements. It can be tempting to go for cheaper lighting but for the most part, this means that it won’t have the right waterproofing needed for outdoor use. Moreover, these cheap lights will be made from interior materials that won’t hold up against ice, heat, wind and other outdoor factors. 


Outdoor lighting comes in all shapes and sizes, whether you want a security light, something to illuminate your path as you come home or a selection of beautiful fairy lights to adorn your patio, you will be spoiled for choice. 

Many of these outdoor lights come with a remote control to make operating them so much easier. There are certain things that you should look out for but in our top picks, we are sure you’ll find something you will love. 

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