9 Best Modern Outdoor Garage Lights

Outdoor illumination is essential for two reasons; safety and the ability to see what you are doing when you return home in the hours of darkness. Moreover, outdoor garage lighting can add a pleasing aesthetic to your home and many see it as the final touch to a beautiful entranceway. 

If you have opted for a modern look for your home’s exterior then the good news is that there is a plethora of stunning outdoor light fittings to choose from. We’ve spent some time checking out lots of these lights and while there were many that caught our eye, we certainly had our favourites. 

But before you settle on anything, be sure to check out our top buying tips to ensure that you get outdoor garage lighting that will be both practical and beautiful. 

What Are The Benefits Of Outdoor Garage Lights?

For anyone that is considering buying outdoor garage lighting, you will certainly open up a world of benefits. Let’s take a quick look at how they will be an advantage to you and your property.

  • Motion sensor garage lighting is an ideal intruder deterrent. If you live somewhere with a lot of places to hide or dark corners then this is ideal for burglars. However, with the simple installation of outdoor lighting, you are creating a safer home. Anyone trying to access your property will be deterred if they suddenly find themselves showered in bright light. It will also serve as an alert to you so that you can respond more quickly in the event of an emergency. 
  • If you regularly return home late at night, finding your way around the driveway and garage can be tricky in the dark. With the addition of garage lighting, your path will be illuminated and you will be able to safely park your car without the risk of an accident. This also applies if you are on foot; in the darkness you may not be able to see obstructions or things on the ground which could result in your tripping and falling. 
  • If nothing else, outdoor garage lighting serves as a great way of beautifying your home. Gentle lighting can create a stunning outdoor aesthetic and breathe new life into your home. Even during the day time, if you choose stylish, modern fixtures, these will look just as good as they do when lit up at night. 

What Should I Consider When Buying Outdoor Garage Lights?

If you have been considering installing some outdoor garage lights, there are a lot to choose from. But it is important not to simply click ‘buy now’ on the first ones you see; you’ll need to compare features if you want something that is going to serve its purpose. 

Choosing The Right Number Of Lights

When you are shopping for outdoor garage lights, one of the first things you will need to think about is the number of lights you’ll install. If you don’t install enough, you aren’t going to get clear vision in the dark. On the other hand, if you install too many, it can be too bright and perhaps offensive to your neighbours. So take the time to get the balance just right. 

Typically speaking, you would only need one medium to large light placed in the centre above the garage door for a single car garage. However, you might also choose two smaller lights and place one either side of the door. If you have a larger double garage, then you may wish to install a series of smaller lights or perhaps a large strip light. 

It is also important to consider symmetry, if this is something you want to achieve. Double garages look good with a light either side and one at the centre or with a light at the top corner of each door, depending on the look you want to create. 

Making Sure You Have The Right Size

Not only do you need to think about the number of lights you will use but you’ll also need to think about the size. Again, this relates to how much light you need and will help you to avoid going over the top or not having enough illumination. 

One of the biggest problems encountered by homeowners is that they install garage lights that are too small. To avoid this, you should view the property from further away rather than assessing the situation from directly in front of the garage. 

How Are The Lights Powered?

Most outdoor lights are powered by electricity; usually through a mains connection or batteries. Choosing between the two is important and if it’s convenience you’re after, battery power is the way to go. There are also solar powered lights but we will look at these in a little more detail shortly. 

One of the great things about outdoor garage lighting is that it can be activated in various ways. It is a good idea to think about how often you will need to use the lighting and this will give you the ability to determine the best type. 

There are solar powered lights that will automatically turn on when the sun goes down after having used its energy to charge through the day. However, if you choose this type then you must consider that some solar powered lights only illuminate for a few hours, and if it is overcast, this will affect the charge. 

Timed lights are an excellent choice if you return or leave home at the same time each evening. You can preprogram the lights to come on when you need them and then to turn off shortly after this. You may also opt for smart outdoor lighting that can be controlled using an app on your mobile device. If you return home regularly after dark but not necessarily at the same time, this is an excellent feature to have as you can activate the lights shortly before your arrival without having to leave the car. 

Finally, there are outdoor lights that have motion sensors and will turn on when you move around. These are great if you want to save energy as they typically switch off again within minutes of activating unless further movement is detected. 


The beauty of shopping for modern outdoor garage lights is that there is a vast choice available. If you don’t currently own any outdoor light fittings, you have a little more freedom where style is concerned. However, if you already have wall lights, free standing lights, ground lights or anything else, it is worth thinking about going for a similar style to give your outdoor space a little more consistency.

What Are The Best Modern Outdoor Garage Lights?

The market is bursting with some wonderful modern lighting options for your garage exterior. We think that these lights are some of the very best. 

LASIDE Outdoor Wall Lights – Best All Round Light

LASIDE Outdoor Wall Lights, Anthracite Grey GU10 Up Down Outside Wall Lights Electric, IP44...
  • 【Warranty 36 Months of Outdoor Wall Lights】 we provide an 36-month warranty and friendly...
  • 【Modern Simple Designs Outside Wall Lights】Thanks to the smart designs of up and down, that...
  • 【Robust and Durable of Outdoor Lights Mains Powered】Wall lamp body is Die-cast aluminium not...

One of the most important things to look for when choosing outdoor lighting is that the fixture is waterproof. This one gives protection from water spray from all directions with its IP44 rating. What’s more it is made from high quality aluminium meaning that you are getting something rust resistant and durable; perfect for outdoors. But if you were in any doubt, this affordable light comes with a three year warranty which we think is pretty generous. 

The LASIDE light runs on mains power so you won’t need to worry about replacing batteries and will get consistent power. It’s also A+ energy rated so using it won’t boost your energy bills even if it’s on all night. Installation is simple and the mount comes with pre-drilled holes and all the screws you will need. 

What really caught our eye about this light however, was the fact that it casts both up and down lights giving you greater brightness not to mention a better aesthetic appeal. That said, this is a relatively small light so you may need to buy several, depending on the size of your garage.

WaterproofSmall size
Made from good quality materials
Energy efficient
Connects to mains power
Stylish cylinder design

CHINTELL Wall Light With Motion Sensor – Best Affordable Light

If you aren’t looking to break the bank then we think that this super affordable light from Chintell is just the ticket. It boasts a stunning modern design and all the important features you would expect from a more expensive product. In fact, when you consider that this one comes with a motion sensor and a waterproof rating of IP65, it’s hard to believe that it’s cheaper than our previous offering. 

This waterproof rating means that the light will withstand low pressure water jets from all directions as well as keeping out dust. What’s more, it is also resistant to heat and frost so is suitable for use at all times of the year. 

The Chintell wall light casts a downward beam but has a 120º motion sense ability and will light up for 7 seconds at every detection. You can leave the light on and it will cast a dim light, brightening when it senses movement so you’ll always have a gentle glow. But don’t worry about eating up all that solar power; this light will last up to 12 hours and will switch off when the sun comes up. 

Pros Cons
Solar powered – no need to do anythingOnly has a downward light beam
Features a motion sensor
Waterproof and dust resistant
LED lights for longevity and energy efficiency 

Genghis Khan Outdoor Wall Light – Best Looking Light

Genghis Khan 35W Outdoor Wall Light Waterproof IP54 Up and Down Modern Wall Lamp Grey Suitable for...
  • EXQUISITE DESIGN: Grey cuboid-shaped can show a modern and simple style.The classic wall light shape...
  • EASY TO INSTALL: This wall light only takes a few minutes to install. We will provide a manual to...
  • WEATHER-PROOF AND RUST-RESISTANT: Aluminum die-casting shell with tempered glass, protection level...

We know that buying a modern light is all about making your home look its best while still providing yourself with sufficient outdoor illumination. You really do get the best of both worlds with the Genghis Khan outdoor wall light. It boasts a modern, grey design that will fit effortlessly into any outdoor space. 

The light has an IP54 waterproof rating meaning it will offer protection from spray, such as rain as well as repelling dust. It is made from a combination of stainless steel and aluminium both of which are incredibly durable and ideal for outdoor use. You can see and feel how well made it is. However, we were disappointed with the 30 day guarantee especially when you compare this to the lengthy warranties of its competitors. 

The Genghis Khan wall light is very easy to install and comes with everything you need to get the job done. Moreover, with its connection to the mains, this is a reliable light that won’t need any maintenance.

Easy to installShort warranty
Heat and frost resistant
Waterproof and durable 
Attractive design 
Up and down lights

HLFVLITE Outdoor Wall Light – Best Luxury Light

HLFVLITE Outdoor Wall Light, Max 60W E27 Aluminum Outside Wall Lamp, IP44 Waterproof Exterior Wall...
  • 【DESIGN ATTRACTIVELY】This outdoor wall lamp is designed in a simple and modern style that is...
  • 【HIGH QUALITY】Our outside lights housing is solid enough due to high quality Die-cast aluminium;...
  • 【WATERPROOF】Rate IP44 protection - not only for indoor, but also suitable for exterior wall -...

It cannot escape your attention that this outdoor garage light is incredibly attractive. It features a modern take on the lantern design and is simple yet eye-catching. But far from just looking good, this light has a lot more to offer. For example, it is extremely well made and of the highest quality featuring a combination of aluminium and durable glass panels. 

What’s more, it has an IP44 waterproof rating and comes with a two year warranty which gives you great confidence in the product. OK, it’s a little more expensive than some of the others but with that you are getting a safe light that has short circuit protection and is easy to install. 

Getting set up is as simple as following three easy steps and once your light is ready to use, you have a choice of four different types of bulbs; very versatile. The only limitation is that you cannot use a bulb greater than 40 watts but this should be more than enough for most outdoor needs. 

Pros Cons
Rustproof and durableNo motion sensor
A+ Energy rating
Long warranty
Modern and stylish design
Can use various types of bulb

Aurorast 100w LED Outdoor Light – Best Security Light

Aurorast 100W LED Outdoor Light,LED Floodlights IP66 Waterproof, 8000lm Bright in Security Light,...
  • 【Ultra-brightness】---The 120° beam angle offers a more extensive lighting area with 120...
  • 【Energy saving & Easy installation】--- This garden light can reduce your 80% electricity bill...
  • 【Longer Lifespan】 --- The acrylic surface fully protects the interior circuit board, in...

While a lot of people choose a garage light for aesthetic reasons or to help light the way when they arrive home, there is also the importance of security to consider. If you are looking for something to deter intruders then this bright floodlight might be the right choice for you. What’s more, it is perfect for placing a single light over the centre of the garage door for superior illumination. 

Running at 100w and with 8000 lumens, this compact outdoor light gives off some serious brightness. It casts its beam over 120º giving you optimal spread. Moreover, it’s beautifully easy to install and comes with all the fittings. 

If you are looking for durability, this is where you will find it. The Aurorast light is made from strong aluminium and tempered glass which is reinforced with acrylic giving you the confidence that it will stand the test of time. For a very respectable price, you are getting many more features than some of the higher-end light options. 

Super brightNot great looking
Waterproof (IP66)
Incredibly durable
Easy to install
Comes with a 2 year warranty

Glighone Outdoor Wall Light With Motion Sensor

If it is the modern style you are looking for then this stunning outdoor garage light would be the perfect addition to your home. The sleek and simple design will fit into any outdoor space without posing as an eyesore but the light also offers amazing functionality. 

One of the biggest draws is how this light is designed to save energy. It is connected to the mains electricity but has an auto on/off system ensuring that it only ever lights up when needed. During the day, it’ll stay off but at night, it has a 360º motion sensor and when movement is detected, it will light up for between 20 and 30 seconds. What’s more, with LED lights you get both brightness and energy efficiency. 

The Glighone light benefits from a waterproof rating of IP65 which, much like some of our earlier lights, means that it is resistant to splashes from rain as well as repelling dust. The aluminium case offers additional protection and durability. 

Mains powered for convenience Tricky to install
Warm white light isn’t offensive
All round motion detection
Energy efficient 

Biard LED Swivel Outdoor Wall Light

Biard LED Swivel Outdoor Wall Light in Grey - Dalen 12.5W Integrated LED Wall Mounted Modern...
  • Adjustable head to get best position outside your home
  • Made from hard-wearing aluminium for weatherproof protection
  • Integrated LED ensures long-lasting source of light

For many people, the idea of a single garage light isn’t very appealing so the option to place several smaller lights is great if you want to create something more of a display. These small outdoor garage lights come in a modern black colour and are some of the most attractive to look at. What’s more, they are far more energy efficient than any of the others on this list with an A++ rating. 

Using LED lights is not only energy efficient but the bulbs will last much longer so once installed, you won’t need to worry about replacement or maintenance for many years. We also love the fact that these lights can be swiveled allowing you to adjust the illumination to suit your needs. 

As well as long-lasting lighting, you will also benefit from an incredibly durable piece of equipment. These lights may be small but since they are made from robust aluminium, you can feel confident that they will stand up to the elements.

Modern and stylishSmall size may not be suitable for very large garages
Swivel in all directions
Great for creating an attractive lighting display
3 year warranty

AXFALO LED Wall Lights

LED Wall Lights Black, Modern Up & Down Lighting 10W Wall Lamp Indoor / Outdoor IP65 Waterproof,...
  • ✔ Modern simple design: Made of high quality aluminum with elegant arc, the surface is matte spray...
  • ✔ Up and down lighting: Contains 2 * 5 W LED light sources for up and down lighting modes. This...
  • ✔ IP65 waterproof & high quality material: IP65 is the waterproof rating of LED lighting. Suitable...

One of the first things you will notice about these wall lights is their unique design. With a curved, matte black lamp, they are ideal if you want to make a statement with your outdoor garage lighting. What’s more, they are made from aluminium which is incredibly durable and won’t fade or rust even when used outdoors for long periods of time. 

The AXFALO wall lights also offer excellent versatility since they can be used inside as well. If you want to create continuity in and around the garage, these are a great choice. The lights are beautifully easy to install and connect to the mains power; moreover, they can be placed at any angle. They are weatherproof with an IP65 rating.

With two 5w LED bulbs, you will get excellent illumination without excessive energy consumption. They have an A++ rating just like the Biard putting them up there with the best and will give you up to 50,000 hours of light; that’s not to be sniffed at!

Up and down lightsNo motion sensor
Very stylish
Waterproof (IP65)
Versatile use
Energy efficient

Lindby Djori Outdoor Wall Light

Outdoor Wall Light 'Djori' with Motion Detector (Modern) in Silver Made of Stainless Steel (1 Light...
  • """"MODERN DESIGN: This beautiful lamp is practical to use in every room and features...
  • ""Outdoor Motion Sensor: The intelligent and integrated motion sensor detects movement in the...
  • ""Suitable for outdoor use: Terrace, Garden, Balcony, Pond, Gateway, Carport: Protection IP44 |...

If you are willing to invest a little more in your modern outdoor garage lights then you will be able to get your hands on these stunning silver lights that will add a touch of class to your home exterior. The light is made from stainless steel which is easily one of the most durable materials for outdoor use; it won’t rust or diminish in appearance. The only downside to the durability is that this one comes with a lower IP rating at IP44 which, when compared to some more affordable products, is lacking. That said, this will still offer ample protection for outdoor use. 

The Lindby light features a motion sensor which makes it ideal for security purposes as well as lighting your way when you return home without the need to leave it on all the time. With mains connection, you won’t need to worry about replacing batteries or relying on solar power. 

Beautiful aestheticMotion sensor isn’t very sensitive
Can be used indoor and outdoors
Rust proof
A++ energy rating


Outdoor garage lighting is essential for many reasons; it will light your way when you come home late at night and works well as a security feature. What’s more, modern garage lighting provides your home with a beautiful visual appeal. There are a lot of products out there but there are a few things you’ll need to consider before buying. After checking out several outdoor garage lights, we found that these nine products excelled above all others. 

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