7 Best Post Rammers

Whether you call it a post rammer, a post thumper, a post pounder, or anything else, these tools are essential in erecting a fence. The post rammer features a cylindrical pole along with two handles and is used to drive fence posts into the ground. They typically come in different sizes, but otherwise, there isn’t a vast amount of difference between products, aside from the quality, of course. 

In our guide to the best post rammers, we will be running you through some of the most incredible products we have found as well as giving you a few ideas on what you should be looking for. 

What Are The Best Post Rammers?

As with everything, there is a huge selection of post rammers on the market and this can feel a little dizzying when trying to choose the best one for the job. But don’t worry, we have done the testing and reviewing for you and after looking at a look of post thumpers, we decided that the following deserved a special mention!

What To Consider When Buying A Post Rammer

It’s all well and good looking at the best post rammers and choosing a tool and while the ones we have featured are all excellent, different ones will work better for different people. For this reason, it is essential to look over a few features before making a commitment. 

Roughneck ROU67777 Reinforced Post Rammer – Best Overall

Roughneck ROU67777 Reinforced Top Post Rammer,Black,150 mm 6-Inch
  • For driving fencing posts
  • Tubular steel body
  • Reinforced top

While this is a relatively expensive post rammer, we certainly think it is worth the price owing to how robust and effective it is. The Roughneck post rammer delivers an impeccable performance and makes incredibly light work of even the most demanding jobs. Designed to beat heavy ground, this post rammer boasts a reinforced top as well as a wide diameter that makes it suitable for round and square posts. 

It features a tubular steel body which is great for durability, it isn’t going to let you down after a couple of jobs. For this reason, we would recommend this tool for commercial applications where you need that additional reliability. 

The Roughneck post rammer is a heavy piece of equipment weighing 16.37kg so this does mean that it will be more easily operated by a duo. The only real issue we saw was that some of the welds can be a little rough on the hands, but this is nothing that a pair of gloves won’t fix. 

Reinforced topRough edges on welds
150mm width
Great for heavy ground
Made from steel
Long length

Postsaver Fence Post Rammer – Best Heavy Duty Post Rammer

Fence Post Rammer Heavy Duty 14.5kg 6" 150mm Driver Thumper Knocker Post Fencing Tool
  • Postsaver Heavy Duty 14.5kg Post Rammer
  • Ideal for up to 6" Posts
  • 27mm Thick Grip Handles

This is a very affordable fence post rammer that comes with a surprising number of features when you consider the cost. One of the most outstanding things is that this is an incredibly heavy duty bit of kit that won’t rust or corrode, giving you many years of service. 

Moreover, this longer 660mm fence driver is designed for longer posts and will embed them deeply into the ground, even if the terrain is tough. It comes with a wide 150mm diameter making it suitable for almost any type of fence post and weighs 14.5kg for ultimate force. The benefit of this is that this weight is just on the cusp of having to bring in another person but for most fit adults, you will be able to use it alone. 

The Postsaver rammer comes with an ergonomic grip that is superiorly comfortable to use. The handles are thicker making them easier to grasp resulting in safer operation.

Resistant and durableHeavy
Wide diameter 
Made from powder coated steel
Ergonomic grip

Hausen Heavy Duty Garden Fence Post Driver – Best Value For Money

Hausen Heavy Duty Garden Fence Post Driver 67 x 17cm Farm Fencing Hole Rammer
  • GARDEN POST DRIVER – The Hausen Garden Post Driver is a high quality solid, heavy duty driver...
  • FUNCTIONAL – Two carry handles are welded onto the frame to help with manoeuvring it around.
  • VERSATILE – It can be used on both round and square posts.

While this post rammer is very slightly more expensive than the Postsaver, and we mean very slightly, we think that it offers excellent value for money. For less than forty quid, you are getting something incredibly robust and user reports state that it will hammer in hundreds of fence posts without faltering. That’s the kind of durability we like. 

Moreover, this is a very heavy piece of equipment that is designed for maximum force. Of course, you will need to keep in mind that due to the weight, you’ll likely need two people to operate it. Having a diameter of 170mm, which is far outside of the ‘normal’ range, the Hausen post rammer is great for larger round posts and square posts. 

It is made from welded steel and is designed to drive posts deep into the ground, giving your fence the stability it needs. What’s more, this is one of the better tools if you are looking for something that causes zero damage to the posts. 

Heavy dutyNeeds two people to effectively operate
Strong handles
Great value
Wide diameter
Great performance

VidaXL Fence Post Driver

vidaXL Steel Fence Post Driver | Robust Construction | Efficient Tool for Fence Installation | Ideal...
  • Handle Advantage: Equipped with two handles for a secure grip, ensuring accurate placement of your...
  • ️ Efficient and Ubiquitous: Characterized by its versatility, this tool turns strenuous work into...
  • ️ Perfect Fit: Ideal for fence posts with diameters ranging from 9-14.5 cm thanks to the 15 cm...

WIth a middle of the road price, you could be forgiven for thinking that you are being ripped off; let us explain this. The VidaXL fence post driver doesn’t look like much and that can be off putting for some people. At first glance, it looks cheaply made but once you get your hands on it, you will see how deceptively heavy and robust it is. 

Weighing 13kg, this is ideal for a range of fence posts and while it isn’t the most heavy duty on the market, it’ll certainly serve you for domestic applications. The VidaXL is made from super strong steel making it resistant to weather and able to stand up to the test of time. Moreover, it comes with a wide 150mm width making it ideal for almost any post. 

Where user friendliness is concerned, the VidaXL has a lot to offer. It is light enough to be used alone for most and comes with ergonomically placed handles for a much more comfortable experience. 

User friendlyWelding is untidy
Made from robust steel
Can be used by one person

MTB Fence Post Driver

MTB Fence Post Driver Rammer 600mm Length inner Ø 156mm/6",15.4KG with Handle, 34LB Black Hand Post...
  • Package Contents: 1 solid round pipe post driver with 2 handle.
  • Product Size: 600mm (23.6 inches) overall length. 156mm (6.14 inches) inside diameter. Heavy steel...
  • Material & Surface Treatment: premium steel construction finished with durable black powder coated...

We will admit that the MTB fence post driver is a little pricier than some of the other options on our list. But if it is a heavy duty tool you are looking for then you won’t get much better than this. It is made from strong and durable steel and is designed for heavy ground and prolonged use. It wasn’t just us that noticed how robust this post rammer is; reviews and reports show how reliable it is. 

In terms of performance, this is up there with the best. It is great for heavy duty use and larger posts in both round and square shapes. One of the most notable things is that where a lot of fence post rammers are designed only to work with T posts, this one also works very well with U posts. 

You will also notice how comfortable it is to use thanks to the tapered handles that offer a more natural grip. Moreover, the handle thickness is much better than some of the competition so your grip is even further improved. 

Wide 156mm widthVery heavy – requires two people 
Heavy duty
Very comfortable to use

Roughneck Gorilla ROU67760 Heavy Duty Post Rammer

Roughneck ROU67760 Heavy Duty Post Rammer 150mm/6",Yellow
  • Ideal for driving round or square fencing posts into heavy ground
  • HEAVY GAUGE TUBULAR STEEL BODY with Heavyweight solid steel striking plate
  • LONG LENGTH for more effective handling

The Gorilla certains lives up to its name in terms of strength. This excellent post rammer is designed with heavy ground in mind so we would say that it is perfect for both this and long term commercial use. This is also thanks to the robust steel construction that makes this an incredibly durable piece of equipment. 

This post rammer features a 150mm diameter and can be used with fence posts that are both rounded and square. It boasts a longer length providing you with much easier handling. The only downside where handling the tool is concerned is that the handles are slightly thinner than some of the other ones we have looked at. 

But the great advantage of this fence post rammer is that it comes with a welded striking plate at the top. Finally, it is finished with an anti-corrosions treatment making it perfect for outdoor use. 

Striking plateThin handles not so easy to grip
Clean welding
Great for heavy duty use

Sitemate 6120010

Sitemate 6120010 Post Rammers with Double Handles, Black, 6-Inch
  • Heavy steel rammer for driving timber posts into the ground.
  • Features two steel handles and welded steel straps for extra strength and safety.
  • Grade 4 Heavy industrial use

Let’s not ignore the fact that this post rammer just looks the part. If there was a piece of equipment that appeared visually as though it was going to get the job done, this would be it. It is a strong, robust and heavy duty tool that isn’t going to let you down, and yet, despite this, it isn’t one of the most expensive options we have seen. 

In a mid-range price bracket, you are getting the power of some of the more pricey fence drivers. This one is made from robust steel and features welded strips across the top to further reinforce this durable design. Weighing 15kg, it’s on the cusp of needing two operators, but this is going to depend on your personal strength and abilities. 

But what we really love about this post rammer is that it comes from one of the world’s leading brands. Sitemate has fencing experience that dates back to the 1980s, so you can feel pretty confident that this is a decent bit of kit. 

Made from grade 4 industrial strength steelMay be heavy for some users. 
Reinforced top
Trusted brand
Good value for money

Do I Need A Post Rammer Or A Fencing Maul?

The post rammer is a great tool when it comes to erecting a fence, but there is another tool known as the fencing maul that is preferred in some situations. However, we believe that a post rammer is generally the better option; let us tell you why.

  • Post rammers allow for a much straighter installation of the post as it is driven into the ground. 
  • For taller posts or people who are shorter, the post rammer is much easier to use since there is no need to swing and hit the top as you would with a fencing maul. Typically speaking, your post rammer will work on posts up to 4 feet. 
  • The post rammer is considered to be a much safer tool again relating to the lack of swinging action. 
  • With the tubular body of the post rammer offering greater control, there is far less chance of the post becoming damaged during installation. 
  • When using a post rammer, it is possible for two people to operate; one on either side, which means that you get greater force and the post can be installed with greater ease. 


As we mentioned earlier on, post rammers don’t typically come in a great variety of styles. That said, there is a difference in size and it is important to purchase one that is suitable for the posts you will be installing. 

The size of the post rammer is reflected by its weight and you will find that typically, the smallest size comes in at 50mm whereas the largest post rammers measure up to 150mm. Regardless of size, it is also important to think about the shape of the post you will be installing. Fence posts are either rounded or square but post rammers are always round. This means that when you install a round post, you can purchase a rammer of a corresponding size. However, if you are installing a square post, you will need to look for a rammer that is large enough to accommodate all of the corners. 


We have touched on the fact that post rammers come in different weights. The heavier it is, the better it will be at working with tough ground. However, the downside of a heavier tool is that you will need someone else to do the work with you. 

On average, a post rammer will come in between 14kg and 16kg, depending on your strength and fitness level, you may be able to handle these weights on your own. But once you start moving into the 16kg+ category, you will need to bring in an assistant. There’s nothing too inconvenient about this provided that you have someone who is willing to help but it is vital not to attempt to use a too heavy post rammer on your own, to avoid injury. 


A post rammer is an invaluable tool when it comes to erecting a fence post. While there are other options such as fencing mauls and mallets, these can often cause damage to the posts and require a lot more effort on your part. 

Our selection of post rammers provides you with a choice between some of the top tools on the market. Whether you are looking for something affordable yet reliable or a post rammer that will stand up to the most trying tasks, we have got you covered. Don’t forget to check out our buyer’s guide for some handy tips to consider when purchasing. 

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