5 Best Driveway Security Posts (Parking Bollards Guide)

Would it shock you to learn that annually, around 75,000 cars are stolen in the UK? That equates to around one every seven minutes! It may be much more difficult to steal a car today, thanks to modern technological advances but savvy thieves will always find a way. 

However, when your car is parked on your drive, there are things you can do to deter thieves and literally stop them in their tracks. With a parking bollard strategically placed at the entrance to your driveway, stealing your vehicle will become almost impossible. 

However, there are a lot of things to consider when buying driveway security posts and in this guide, we will be telling you all you need to know to pick the best one for you. What’s more, we’ve been spending some time reviewing and testing various products and we’ve selected five of the very best driveway security posts that we think you’ll love.

Why Should I Bother With A Parking Bollard?

It goes without saying that the main benefit of installing a driveway security post is to protect your vehicle. There may be some pretty obnoxious thieves out there but it is highly unlikely that anyone is going to be brash enough to try to remove a bollard just to get their hands on your vehicle. Having a parking bollard in place ensures that your property remains untouched. 

But another excellent advantage of this type of equipment is that it could serve as a way of lowering your car insurance costs. Insurers will always favour keeping your car on a private driveway and this is a surefire way to get a smaller quote. However, if there are additional security measures in place, your insurer will have even more confidence that they won’t have to fork out for a stolen vehicle. 

While many people focus on the initial cost of the parking bollard, they fail to take into account the savings they will make year after year on their car insurance. That’s definitely food for thought. For more information check out our guide to security bollards.

Driveway Security Posts – Our Top Picks

There are a lot of driveway security posts on the market and some are better than others. While we were reviewing several posts, there were some that had that little something extra that we believe provides you with optimal vehicle security. Let’s take a look at the rundown of amazing features we discovered. 

Telescopic Anti-Ram Security Post – Top Pick

Telescopic Anti-Ram Security Post Parking Bollard 70RT
  • Anti-Ram Parking Bollard
  • Ideal for Driveways
  • Padlock Provided

We were mightily impressed with this heavy-duty security post that will withstand everything a potential thief tries to throw at it. With a strong and durable build, it will resist being rammed and tampered with, giving you excellent peace of mind. The post is made from high-quality stainless steel and is zinc coated for extra protection and resistance against the elements. 

The ground tube penetrates 101mm under the surface of the driveway making this an incredibly secure device. Moreover, the base plate enhances stability and when not in use, the post sits flush to the ground. 

This is a slightly heavier post at 12.6kg but this demonstrates its robust design. It may be a little more challenging for users with less strength but the easy to grip handles make it much simpler. 

High visibility designHeavy
Very secure
Made from strong materials
Great stability
Comes with a padlock bar

Deuba Heavy Duty Parking Bollard – Most Affordable

DEUBA® Car Security Barrier for Driveways | Telescopic Parking Space Bollard | Retracts Down to...
  • UNIVERSAL: The solid steel barrier post can be used universally and offers reliable protection for...
  • GET STARTED RIGHT AWAY: The complete fastening material and 3 keys per bollard are included in the...
  • EASY TO USE: The parking barrier can be folded up or down in seconds using the lock with retractable...

A driveway security post doesn’t have to cost the earth and compared to our previous offering, this one is incredibly affordable. However, this isn’t to say that the quality has been scrimped on and you are still getting an amazingly durable and reliable piece of equipment. 

The Deuba post is a folding bollard that is lightweight at just a little over 4kg. It is made from strong steel and is fitted with a lock that has been specially designed for outdoor use so you don’t need to worry that it will degrade over time. Moreover, it comes with a set of three keys. 

You can purchase this as a single device or there are options to buy them in sets of up to four, ideal for people with wider driveway entrances. 

Strong steel constructionReplacement keys are not available
Weather resistant lock
Comes with all fixtures and fittings
Pre-drilled base

Oypla Removable Locking Security Post – Most Durable Bollard

Oypla Removable Locking Security Post Parking Space Bollard Barrier
  • Height: 90cm (60cm post height, 20cm base height)
  • Designed to be Set in Concrete
  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction

The Oypla security post is the perfect example of affordable reliability. This is an incredibly solid bollard that will set you back no more than your Friday night takeaway. It is made from heavy-duty steel and is highly resistant.

The parking bollard is designed to be fitted into concrete and comes with a large 20cm underground base that provides your post with perfect stability. Moreover, the heavy structure will resist tampering and yet is incredibly easy to use and install. 

Comes with deep baseHeavy 7.6kg
Padlock included
Steel construction
Easy to install
High visibility yellow design

Ultimate Ramco Security Post – Best Automatic Locking Post 

If you are fearful that you might forget to lock your parking bollard then all of that worry will be taken away with the Ramco security post. This one features an automatic locking mechanism that clicks into place once the post is lifted. While this does mean that you have to pay a little more, you are getting a very reliable and secure product. 

The Ramco post boasts an anti-theft design with a lock that cannot be picked or drilled. On top of this it is made from hardened steel making it one of the most robust products on our list. 

The zinc coating ensures that the post can stand up to the harsh UK weather and the telescopic design is quick and easy to operate. 

Weather resistantScratches easily
Anti-theft features
Automatic lock
Heavy duty
Easy to use

PrimeMatik Steel Nailed Bollard – Bonus Pick

PrimeMatik - Steel nailed bollard with buried base 76x600mm
  • Bollards or bollards made of resistant steel.
  • Metallic poststeel, painted in yellow and black, high visibility.
  • Diameter of the central body: 76 mm.

This is a mid-range product in terms of price but the features and performance make it feel far more high end than it is. The PrimeMatik bollard comes in a bright yellow and black design to ensure excellent visibility. What’s more, it is made from strong steel to ensure it remains durable over the course of time. 

This parking bollard is very lightweight and so may be ideal for people who have limited strength. While it does feature a buried base that offers amazing stability, the bollard itself can be removed when not in use. The base does not obstruct the driveway and sits flush to the ground. 

Base is flush to groundNot as tall as other posts (76cm)
Made from strong steel
Great stability
High visibility

What To Consider When Buying A Parking Bollard

While it may appear that all parking bollards are made equal, this is certainly not the case. There are a few things that you will need to consider when choosing your driveways security post as this will ensure that it fits your needs perfectly.


One of the first things that a lot of people ask when considering a parking bollard is what will it cost? The type of bollard you choose will determine its price and this can be anywhere from under £20 through to hundreds for a top of the range, automatic driveway security post. 

However, most of the initial cost will come from the installation of the post. It can be helpful to speak to local builders and paving specialists before buying your bollards to ensure that you are able to find someone to fit it. But again, the cost will depend on the type of bollard. The more advanced the device, the more it is going to cost to install.

For standard bollards such as a telescopic post, you can expect to pay a few hundred pounds for installation. However, if you are looking to install an automatic driveway security post, you will need to hire someone with appropriate electrical qualifications and this can set you back thousands. 

Type Of Security Post

We have touched on the fact that there are several different types of parking bollard but it can be useful to know your options before making a commitment. Whether you want something simple and affordable or something a little more high-end, you aren’t limited on choice. 

Automatic Parking Bollards

Automatic driveway security posts are the most elite option. These posts operate using a hydraulic pump system and can be controlled using a key fob. While they are the most convenient type, they are also the most expensive both for the cost of the post itself and the extensive installation.

However, one of the huge advantages of this type of system is that the level of security is far greater than other types of bollards. You might see this type of post being used in a commercial setting but they are not uncommon on residential driveways where homeowners want to boost the security of their vehicle. That said, the ones that you would use for commercial reasons would typically be much larger so it is important to source the correct size for a residential property. 

Another amazing advantage of the automatic parking bollard is that it is far more convenient. If you would struggle to operate a manual post or simply don’t want the hassle of having to do this then the automated operation makes things a whole lot easier. That said, you should consider that the maintenance of these systems will be more extensive and expensive. 

The automatic parking bollard is fitted into the ground and the electrical system will then need to be connected to your mains supply. It is this work that makes this such a pricey installation.

Telescopic Parking Bollards

Telescopic parking bollards are sometimes called pull-up bollards and these are among the most common driveways security posts. While some people are concerned that pulling the bollards up may be difficult, many of these types are lightweight and easy to handle. 

What’s great about this type of post is that it can be installed in an old driveway without much disruption. This is especially true of block paving which can be lifted in the area that the post will sit and then laid back around it. Alternatively, these posts are easy to include in a new driveway so you can get everything done in one fell swoop. 

Much like the automatic bollard, the telescopic post is installed into the ground. They are far less expensive and yet still provide you with adequate security. The main difference is that a telescopic post is operated manually. The user must pull the post up from the ground and then lock it into place using a lock mechanism. Under the ground, there is a casing where the post sits once it is lowered down. 

This is great news for people who don’t want to ruin the aesthetic appearance of their driveway with an unsightly post. When it is not in use, the telescopic pole will be hidden from view. What’s more, with the post in the ground, the surface is far safer and won’t present a tripping hazard.  

Folding Parking Bollards

A lot of people don’t want to spend their life savings on a parking bollard and the good news is that a folding bollard provides you with a viable way to improve your driveway security without the need to break the bank. These driveways security posts are incredibly common and one of the biggest upsides to them is that they don’t require a professional installer to fit them. Provided that you have reasonable DIY skills, you should be able to do the work yourself. 

There are a lot of different types of fold down bollards but in the main, these posts are operated manually and are dropped down when access is needed. They can be laid flat across the driveway allowing the vehicle to pass over and while they might not look as visually pleasing when not in use, they still give you an easy and convenient security solution.

There are some foldable parking bollards that can be removed which make them ideal for when you require a temporary or sporadic security solution. If you are installing this type of post, you will need to use bolts that fit into the driveway surface. Alternatively, you can use a fixed base to avoid having to put the post directly into the driveway.

Number Of Posts

When you think about installing a parking bollard, you might envisage a single bollard in the centre of the driveway entrance. For many people, this is a viable option but if you have a larger driveway then you may need to consider installing two, three or more posts. 

Of course, the more posts you need to install, the higher the cost so it may be worth considering going for one of the more affordable options. 


A driveway security post provides you with the peace of mind that your vehicle is not going to be stolen from right under your nose. While there are many different types of parking bollard, they are all designed to do the same job. The main differences are the cost of installation and how the post is operated. 

We realise that securing your vehicle is of the utmost importance so we tested and reviewed several driveways security posts. While some didn’t quite live up to our expectations, there were five that really grabbed our attention. Before you choose, be sure to check our buying tips to make sure that you get something that suits your needs and budget. 

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