Top 5 Metal Side Gates

Millions of homes in the UK have a side entrance or alleyway that provides access to the back of the property. The problem is that if this is left open, anyone could get in and pose a potential threat. In order to secure your property, you must have a strong, reliable side gate and what better material for this reason than metal?

However, the internet is littered with metal side gates so it can leave consumers in a bit of a quandary. If you’re not sure what to choose or what to look for when buying a metal gate, you’re in the right place. We have put together a handy buying guide and we have been scouring the web for the best metal gates that we think you’ll love. 

Why Use Metal Over Wood?

A lot of people go for wooden gates as they tend to look much more aesthetically pleasing. But with modern manufacturers creating a wealth of beautiful metal side gates, you no longer need to worry about the gate being an eyesore. 

More importantly, metal offers a much more durable solution to your home security needs. It can withstand a lot more battering from the elements and is not easily broken. Don’t get us wrong, many wooden gates are now treated for extra durability but the very nature of this material means that it is prone to rot and requires much more maintenance than metal.

If you’re worried that metal will rust or corrode, there is no need for concern as manufacturers make metal side gates using treated materials that are designed for outdoor use. 

What Are The Top 5 Metal Side Gates?

Whether you are looking for a simple metal side gate that effectively secures your property or want something a little more ornate to give a beautiful visual appearance, there are plenty of products out there. Keep in mind that not all are made equal and for this reason, we have put several gates to the test. The following five products really stood out to us and with such a great choice in materials, appearance and size, there’s something for everyone. 

Vida XL Fence Gate With Arched Top – Our Top Pick

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Looking at the Vida XL fence gate, you instantly notice that this gate has a huge visual appeal. If you are looking for a timeless piece to compliment the exterior or your property then the contemporary design of the Vida XL will be right up your street. 

What’s more, this is an incredibly heavy duty gate that is designed to withstand the elements and heavy use. It is made from powder coated steel which offers protection against rust and corrosion. Moreover, at just over 20kg, this weighty gate offers optimal security and durability. 

We really love the fact that the Vida XL gate comes with a heavy duty lock as well as three keys. It also benefits from a full installation kit including hinges and two posts so you don’t need to worry about purchasing anything extra. OK, it’s a little more expensive than some other metal side gates on the market but with everything you get, it’s a worthwhile investment. 

Incredible durabilityWe couldn’t find anything wrong with this gate
Comes with installation kit
Lock and keys included
170cm for full entryway coverage
Contemporary design

Inmozata Garden Gate – Best Half Size Gate

Garden Gate 855mm Gap x 1038mm High, Black Galvanized Wrought Iron Metal Gate, Decking Fence Gate,...
  • 【High-quality Metal】The garden gate is constructed from heavy gauge wrought iron to increase...
  • 【Practical Gate】 The metal gate is stable and durable, creating a practical barrier for your...
  • 【Easy to Install】The gate can be hung as a left or right opening gate to your choice and comes...

For many people, the idea of a full height side gate is a little too much. If you have a more dainty property and don’t want something imposing then a half sized gate might be what you’re looking for. This one, from Inmozata, comes with everything you need to install and offers a modern aesthetic for your property. 

The gate is made from wrought iron which has been pressure treated to ensure maximum durability. What’s more, this material is extremely long lasting so you won’t need to worry about replacing the gate any time soon. It is a little more lightweight than some other options so may not be the most effective in terms of security but if it’s purely design you’re after, you won’t go wrong with this. 

AffordableNot ideal for security purposes
Modern design
All fittings included
Can be painted

Amagabeli Metal Garden Gate – Best For Pets

Amagabeli Metal Garden Gates with Lock Lockable 140x100cm Outdoor Mesh Fence Gate with Single Door...
  • Beautiful and Long-lasting: This garden gate mesh adapt simple and stylish lattice design and It is...
  • Size Detail&Heavy Duty : Total size(WxH):100x140cm (55x39.4in) , Door size 87x100cm .It is made of...
  • Heavy-duty locking system: Three matching keys is also included in delivery

If you are looking for a side gate to prevent a small dog from escaping from your garden then the Amagabeli metal garden gate is a great choice. It’s lattice design offers great security and it comes in a deep green hue which is perfect for blending into properties with heavy plant life. 

We have to point out that this is one of the more expensive options on our list but when you consider the craftsmanship and quality of the gate, this price doesn’t seem as intimidating. What’s more, with optimal durability, you won’t need to worry about the gate deteriorating in the near future. It is rust resistant and weather proof and even features a rain cap to prevent water from building up inside the posts. 

The Amagabeli gate comes with everything you need for installation including hinges and side posts. What’s more, you get a lock and three keys so this is a complete package. 

Maximum durabilityExpensive
Attractive design
Great security for small pets
Comes with installation kit
Lock and keys included

Abbey Modern Tall Bow Garden Gate – Most Attractive Metal Side Gate

Abbey Modern Tall Bow Garden Gates 914mm GAP x 1950mm High wrought iron metal pedestrian entrance...
  • Modern contemporary bow top garden side gate. Made from solid metal, 25x6mm frames, 10mm & 6mm...
  • Fits a post to post 914mm GAP x 1950mm high. (914mm is not the physical gate width) Electro...
  • Type in BP50X2350 or BP70X2350 for flat top or BP50X2350B or BP70X2350B for ball top blank metal...

For anyone who wants a gate that will boost the appearance of their property, we would highly recommend the Abbey modern gate. It boasts a stunning design that won’t go out of style and will give a unique look to your property. 

But much more than simply looking the part, the Abbey gate offers excellent durability and a higher height that makes it ideal for increasing the security of your home. Made from wrought iron, you can feel confident that this will be a stable and solid gate that won’t succumb to the impact of the weather. 

Moreover, the gate comes with posts and hinges to ensure quick and easy installation, without the need to purchase any additional fittings. The only thing that is missing are the screws but these can be picked up easily and many people already have a selection at home anyway. 

Comes with fittingsNo screws included
Excellent durability
Attractive design
Great for security purposes
Galvanised material for rust and weather resistance

Selections Metal Windsor Garden Gate With Arch – Best Freestanding Gate

Selections Metal Windsor Garden Arch with Gate and Fixing Pegs
102 Reviews
Selections Metal Windsor Garden Arch with Gate and Fixing Pegs
  • Decorative metal arch with integral gate
  • Requires simple home assembly
  • Fixing pegs and gate included

If you have soft ground at the side of your property such as grass then it might be easier to install a gate that can stand freely. This one, from Selections, features a stunning arch with a half height gate that will give your property an entirely new look. 

What’s great about this side gate is that it is so beautifully easy to install. Without the need to attach it to a fence or wall, much of the hassle is taken away. It comes with ground pegs to secure it from below and with a stable design, it’ll remain standing even in harsher conditions. 

Since this gate is designed more for people who are looking for a decorative piece, it is important to keep in mind that the level of security might not be as great. However, for keeping children and pets in the garden, the solid gate provides everything you need. 

Beautiful designFittings could be more durable
Easy installation
Comes with fittings
Made from durable materials
Freestanding (no need to secure to wall)

What To Look For When Buying A Metal Side Gate

We have already mentioned the fact that there is a huge number of metal side gates currently on the market. This means that poor quality products can slip through the net and you may find yourself replacing the gate much more quickly than you would have liked. 

But don’t panic, we have got you covered and have put together some handy tips for choosing a metal side gate to help you ensure that you always end up with something reliable and effective. 


Metal is naturally a heavy material but there are different weights when it comes to side gates. Much of this will depend on the type of metal the gate is made from with wrought iron being much heavier than lightweight steel. 

If you have problems with strength or mobility, then choosing a more lightweight option is the obvious choice. But this doesn’t mean that you will lose out on durability. As we will discover in the next tip. 

Durability And Materials

Steel is a surprisingly durable material and it is used for many outdoor applications. You will find that this material is not only lightweight but doesn’t sustain a lot of damage even when the gate is used frequently. 

On the other hand, wrought iron is an excellent choice if you are looking for maximum durability. This is typically a lot stronger than steel and won’t warp over time. However, you should keep in mind that you will pay for this in terms of a higher cost. 

Whatever type of material you go for it is vital to choose metals that have been treated. Galvanised metals are most common for gates and other outdoor items. Galvanising metal protects it from the elements and moisture and can enable some metals to last as long as 170 years!


You want your metal side gate to enhance the appearance of your property so the last thing you want is something that is nothing but an eyesore. Most manufacturers aim to produce aesthetically pleasing gates but they come in a multitude of styles.

For example, there are classic style gates that work well on period properties as well as newer gates that offer a modern look for up to date homes. If you’re stuck between these two ideas, you might choose something contemporary that won’t ever go out of style. 


Metal side gates that are higher provide much greater security however, there are those that are much smaller, typically between two and three feet in height. It is important to consider existing safety measures around your property to determine the best height for your home.

In addition, the height of the gate will alter how the property looks. So, going back to appearance, you must choose something that is in keeping with the style of your exterior. 

Fixtures and Fittings

Some metal side gates come with screws, brackets and even locks. But there are some that are sold as the gate only and you are required to source all of the fixtures and fittings separately. It is crucial to look at what comes with the gate when buying so that you can ready yourself accordingly. The last thing you want is for your gate to arrive and you don’t have the tools to hang it. Preparation is key. 

On this note, we would also suggest making sure that the gate is suitable for where it is going to be hung. Checking the width is a wise idea but you should also make sure that the wall or post is suitable for your chosen gate. 


One of the biggest reasons that people tend to opt for metal over wood is that metal is much more durable. That said, you will need to provide some level of maintenance to your gate. The better the quality of the gate, the less you will have to do. But using something like a water repellent paint or a wax will help to prevent chips and scratches, leaving your gate looking better for longer. 


A metal side gate is an affordable way to secure the side entrance to your property without running the risk of inferior durability. These gates are made to withstand the elements and will not be easily taken down by an intruder, especially not without tools. This makes them far more secure than their wooden counterparts. 

Of course, not all gates are of the same quality so it is important to check out the various features before committing to a purchase. When you are confident in what you are looking for, take a look at our top picks to find a metal side gate that is perfect for your property. 

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