The Pros And Cons Of Single And Double Driveway Gates

Installing a new driveway gate is an excellent way to boost security, privacy and the overall appearance of your property. However, you’ll notice that there are several choices when it comes to the style of operation of driveway gates and it’s important to understand the differences so you can choose something that’s right for your home. 

In this guide, I’ll talk about the pros and cons of both single and double driveway gates, giving you a clearer idea of what might work for you. 

What’s The Difference Between Single And Double Driveway Gates?

The difference between a single driveway gate and a double driveway gate relates to the number of leaves. With a single gate, this is made up from one leaf with a hinge on one site that attaches the gate to its pillar. This could be a brick wall, wooden posts, metal posts or any other number of options. 

With double driveway gates, these consist of two leaves of an equal size. Each leaf is attached via a hinge to the pillar and they meet in the middle where an opening is created. You can secure the gates at this point using a bolt, latch or something similar.

Reasons To Choose A Double Driveway Gate

Double driveway gates come with a number of great advantages. For starters, they’re easier to operate since the weight of the entire gate is split across the two panels. Imagine swinging open a large single gate and you can see why doubles are simpler. 

On top of this, the gates are smaller and less difficult to manage. Plus, if you install the gates on a smaller driveway, the swinging radius won’t interfere with space on the drive. This means that, once you have parked your vehicle on the drive, you’ll be able to close the gates behind you where this may not be possible with a large single gate. 

Additionally, this swinging radius means that pedestrian access is not as limited. 

You’ll also find that there are many more options in terms of size, style and design when it comes to double driveway gates. So, you’ll be able to find something that fits right in with your property. The gates can be opened separately so if you don’t need to pull the car out of the drive, there’s no need to mess around. 

In terms of fitting double gates on a smaller driveway, you won’t need such large supports so you shouldn’t have to impede on the maximum width of the drive.

Things To Consider

When installing double gates, it can take a little longer. This is owing to the fact that there are more hinges.

On top of this, you should consider that, if you want automatic gates, you will need to purchase and install two separate motors. Not only will this mean a slightly longer installation time but it’ll also mean spending more money. 

Reasons To Choose A Single Driveway Gate

As I have just mentioned, it can be more costly and time consuming to install motors on a double driveway gate but this isn’t the case where a single gate is concerned. The installation of an automated system is much quicker and less expensive. 

The installation time is further reduced owing to the smaller number of hinges so if you want something fast, this is an option worth considering. 

In terms of security, single driveway gates are a lot simpler to lock. This is because there is no need for drop bolts at the centre opening. 

Things To Consider

While there are some good points to single driveway gates, they tend to have many more disadvantages and these are worth thinking about before settling on a decision. 

For example, the very design of these gates means that their swinging radius is far greater than that of a double gate. If your driveway opening is 12 feet, then the gate is also the same size so you’ll need at least this much clearance on the side that the gate opens into. For larger driveways, this isn’t much of an issue but since most of us have smaller drives, this could be a serious problem. 

Single driveway gates require larger supports on either side since a lot more stress and weight will be placed on them. What’s more, the gate can be incredibly heavy and tricky to open purely based on its size. When allowing pedestrians into the property, a single gate can be quite inconvenient. 

Owing to the many downsides of these gates, manufacturers don’t tend to make them without a bespoke order. This means that they can be more expensive and you will have to wait longer for your gate to be ready. With double gates, you can usually hop onto Amazon and have something delivered within a matter of days. 

Considering A Sliding Gate

For the purposes of this article so far, I have discussed swinging gates and these are a very popular choice among domestic buyers. However, there may be some situations where swinging gates aren’t possible but sliding gates can work well. The benefit of sliding gates is that, provided you have sufficient space at the side, a single gate can work just as well as a double. 

If you do not have the space for a swing gate to open and close easily or there is a significant slope to the driveway then a slide gate would be a much more convenient choice. 


Choosing the right type of gate for your property can make the world of difference to how easy it is to use. Single gates tend to be larger, more cumbersome and a lot more expensive. However, if you have a big driveway then they can offer excellent security and they look fantastic. 

On the other hand, double driveway gates are perfect for more compact spaces and are lighter and much easier to use. However, owing to the need for more components, they may take longer to install.

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