How to Give Your Driveway Kerb Appeal

There are a thousand different ways of making a hard surface for cars and DrivewayExpert has details on all of them. Whether you're paving your front garden to get your car off the road or resurfacing a three mile drive to your palatial country mansion you'll find all the information you require on this website.

Plant Patching to Disguise Broken Paths

Whether you’ve just moved house and inherited a bit of outdoor neglect, or you’ve simply been in your present home so long that the passage of time has taken its inevitable toll, sooner or later most of us come up against what you could call the ‘part damaged drive dilemma’. …

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Your Property Boundary: What You Need to Know

What is a Land Boundary and why is it important? A Land Boundary marks the edges of a person’s property and so defines the limits of the area of land that they own. Boundaries are important as they determine the ownership of land. There are no separate laws that determine …

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Driveways: Drainage After The Floods

Between the memory of the country-wide floods in the first few months of 2014, and the prospect of still greater deluges yet to come promised by the newly published report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), drainage has, surely, never been more firmly in our minds. There’s nothing …

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Paving a Front Garden: Step by Step Guide

Paving over a front garden is a great way of getting the extra parking space that modern families need. Particularly in over-crowded suburban areas which were built before cars came within reach of ordinary people. You can still pave over your front garden, it’s just a bit more admin and …

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Rigid Construction for Block Paving

Block paving, the sort that’s made from smaller, traditional-sized blocks rather than the larger flagstone sized blocks, is usually laid in one of two ways, rigid or flexible. In the past, when roads and streets were made this way in many parts of the United Kingdom, the laying method would …

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Gravel Drives: What Not to Do! Case Study

Gravel is quick to lay and very popular. While it’s not the cheapest form of driveway material, at least for longer drives, the cost advantage isn’t that great on an ordinary domestic driveway, at least initially. In fact the cost difference is minimal and easily outweighed by the ease of …

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