How to Give Your Driveway Kerb Appeal

There are a thousand different ways of making a hard surface for cars and DrivewayExpert has details on all of them. Whether you're paving your front garden to get your car off the road or resurfacing a three mile drive to your palatial country mansion you'll find all the information you require on this website.

How to Change or Add a House Name in UK

Changing or adding a house name to a property can be a somewhat complicated process. However, you may be surprised to know that a house name attached to a property, particularly a unique one, can massively increase the value.  Adding a house name to your property will almost always start …

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Tree Working During Nesting Season: The Facts

Many birds nest in trees. It provides a safe space for them to raise their young. This means that you will often find trees packed to the brim with birds during the breeding season. What happens if you need to carry out a spot of work on trees during the …

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What is the Legal Minimum Handrail Height in the UK?

Read this article to learn about height regulations for handrails in the UK and how they differ indoors and outdoors. The legal minimum height for handrails in the UK is between 900 and 1000 mm from the top of the railing to the pitch line. The spindles must also be …

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All You Need To Know About Weed Membrane

Weed membrane is a layer of fabric laid between the ground and mulch to help prevent weed growth in gardens.  The rest of this article will discuss what weed membrane is, why it is used, and if you should use it!  What is weed membrane? Weed membrane is a material …

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The Differences Between Orangeries & Extensions

Read this article to learn the key differences between an orangery and an extension and how to decide which is for you. The difference between orangeries and extensions is that orangeries use elements from conservatories with those of an extension. Both have brick pillars, but unlike an extension which usually …

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Filling And Sanding Outside Walls

Properly sanding and filling an outside wall is essential before considering any sort of paint application. These surface preparation steps are crucial if you want to paint your outside wall and have a high-quality, professional paint job that will last for years! Applying paint on exterior walls will surprise you …

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The Best Types of Trees with Pink Flowers

Many gardeners are fans of the color pink, but struggle with introducing the color into their landscaping. This article will help you pick the right tree to ad a splash of pink to your work! Nature is awash in beauty, but some gardeners are constantly on the lookout for new …

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What is a Hacksaw Used for?

A Hacksaw is certainly a handy tool to have in your toolbox, but you need to ensure you have the correct knowledge to use one properly. There are several types of hacksaw, and each one is used for different purposes.  Continue reading to find out about the types of hacksaw …

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The Best House Levelling Method for a Settling Foundation

There’s just no way of getting around it – all homes are going to settle over time. Some homes are going to settle less than others, but eventually every property is going to be pulled a little deeper into the earth than when they were first built. Unfortunately, many homes …

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