Our Guide To Colours Of Block Paving (Plus Top 3 Block Paving Joint Cleaners)

So, you’ve decided to give your driveway a makeover and have chosen block paving as this is a durable and attractive solution that doesn’t cost the earth to install. However, when it comes to making a decision on colour, things might start to get a little confusing. Many people opt for block paving thinking that their colour choices will be limited, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

If you want your property to look amazing and stand out from the crowd then choosing the right and most complimentary colour for your block paving is a must. Before you get into a panic and worry that you won’t know where to start, why not allow us to give you the rundown on the colours of block paving? If that wasn’t enough, we will also be letting you in on a little secret and revealing the top 3 block paving joint cleaners to ensure your driveway remains pristine and well-maintained. 

What Are My Colour Options For Block Paving?

The great thing about block paving is that it is incredibly strong. You see, the interlocking structure of the individual blocks provides the driveway with amazing integrity and durability. Of course, this relies on owners providing the driveway with excellent care and maintenance, and we will look at that in more detail later on. 

However, one of the biggest advantages of this type of surface is that there are some amazing options when it comes to colour. Not only this but block pavers are typically very fade-resistant so if you are looking for something that is going to remain vibrant and aesthetically pleasing for a long time to come, it’s certainly a contender.

Paving blocks come in a great range of colours but generally speaking, there are two main options; single colour paving blocks and multi-coloured paving blocks. Neither one is better than the other and it really comes down to personal preference. Of course, as with anything, the quality of the colour will be determined by each manufacturer and the better ones will have a more vibrant and interesting hue compared to cheaper, lower quality products. 

Keeping It Simple With A Single Colour

Let’s start by exploring your colour options for single colour paving blocks. These will give you a uniform finish but can be combined with one another to create patterns, so your options are far from limited. 


For anyone who wants a sleek and modern looking driveway, charcoal is usually one of the go-to options. As its name may suggest, these pavers are closer to black and resemble the colour of natural charcoal. But then, it really depends on the unique mix of the batch as to the final colour with some pavers being much darker than others. 

If you have a natural stone or brick property then charcoal block paving stones are a wonderful complement to this. Many people would suggest using bricks from varying batches to achieve a slightly more natural effect but this is down to personal preference and some people like the uniformity of selecting all of their pavers from the same batch. 

Red – Sometimes Called Terracotta

For homeowners who want a more traditional look, the red block paving block is the optimal choice. They can come in a range of hues with some being a deep, burnt red whereas others have almost a pinkish tinge. However, if you feel that red may be a little too garish, these pavers are commonly used to add patterns or accents to an otherwise plain driveway. 

For properties that are made from reddish brick, the red block paving stone is a great way to achieve continuation. However, you should keep in mind that this colour does have a tendency to show dirt more easily which means that it will require a little more maintenance. 

Buff – Sometimes Known As Marigold, Gold or Sunset

Typically speaking, you wouldn’t see buff block pavers being used across an entire driveway. They would normally be used to create borders, accents and patterns on a darker colour. However, that certainly isn’t to say that you couldn’t use them as a standalone colour. 

What you would need to keep in mind is that, owing to the lighter nature of these stones, they are more susceptible to dirt. Things like oil can be particularly difficult to get off and would show up very easily on this light yellow-y hued stone which is why it is important to get your hands on a reliable cleaning solution for your driveway.

One of the greatest things about using buff block pavers is that you’re unlikely to end up with the exact same colour as The Jones’ at number 32. This is because this colour always has a slight variation depending on the individual batch mix. It is great if you are going for a more rustic effect for your driveway. 


If you want a more contemporary theme that isn’t going to go out of style any time soon then using grey block paving stones is a great idea. They offer the same sleek and stylish appearance as charcoal but are generally a lot lighter in colour. You’ll typically find that these stones are used for commercial properties but when used correctly, they can make an excellent addition to a residential property. 

These paving stones offer a much more natural appearance but can be a little trickier to get hold of since they are not as commonly used. You may choose to use grey block pavers alongside charcoal for a more unique driveway. Additionally, these are among the cheapest block paving colours so if you’re looking for a bargain, grey is where you will find it.

Going Bold And Mixing It Up

There are some block paving stones that are made from a blend of single colours to give a more multifaceted effect.

Burnt Oker

When the pigments used in a charcoal block are blended with brown, you get this stunning natural colour known as burnt oker. If you prefer a darker aesthetic then this is a block paving colour that would perfectly match your taste and what’s more, it’s excellent for high traffic driveways that might be prone to dirt or oil stains as it will hide these better. 


A large proportion of block paved driveways make use of brindle stones. These pavers are created using a blend of charcoal and red, in what some would say gives you the best of all worlds. Not only this but brindle pavers are a lot more affordable than other types but still give you that unique look that only multi colored pavers can achieve. 

But if you don’t want to make a dramatic statement, these pavers are an excellent choice for creating accents, borders and patterns on the driveway. In addition, this is a wonderful choice for driveways that are more susceptible to dirt as the darker colour will forgive a multitude of sins, including those pesky oil marks. 


While heather is far from being the most common choice of block paver colour, we think that there is something special about it. This blend of buff, red, brown and charcoal creates a rich grey/purple hue that has a very modern and chic feel to it.

However, owing to its lack of popularity, it can be a little more difficult to source heather blocks so you may find that you pay a little more for them. Much like many of the other multi coloured block paving stones, heather’s dark colour means that dirt and stains won’t show up as easily. 


It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the name autumn comes from the autumnal tones seen in these multi coloured paving stones. They are made by combining aspects of brown, red and buff and provide a rustic feel to the driveway. What’s more, these are natural tones that can also be used as accents alongside single colour stones. 

What Do I Need To Consider When Choosing Block Paving?

One of the first things you will need to think about when choosing the right colour for your block paving is personal preference. There is no point opting for red block paving because your neighbour said it’ll look good when what you really wanted was a rich, deep heather. However, it is also important to think about the colour of your property. 

If you want to create something aesthetically pleasing then it can be useful to match the colour of your block paving to your house and any exterior walls or other structures. That said, you could go in the completely opposite direction and make a statement using different colours to your home. Just keep in mind that, if you do this, it won’t be to everyone’s tastes and could devalue your property or make it harder to sell when the time comes. 

Moreover, you will need to think about maintenance. If your driveway is going to be exposed to heavy traffic then it is unlikely that you will want to use a buff block all the way across. This will show up dirt and will be much more difficult to keep clean. 

One important thing to think about is where you will source your block paving stones. You see, while most colours are available from any supplier, they may be blended using slightly different hues and this means that the end result won’t be as uniform. For this reason, it is always best to choose a supplier and stick with them for the entirety of the project. 

Finally, you will need to think about whether you want just one colour or wish to combine a number of colours to create a patterned effect. Many people use a darker colour for the most part and then opt for lighter accents around the edges or to make a pattern in the centre of the driveway. 

Block Paving Maintenance 

Keeping your block pavers in tip top condition means more than just hiring a reliable contractor to lay them in the first place. If you want your driveway to stand the test of time, you will need to set up a good maintenance routine for the pavers and ensure that they stay looking their best. 

It can be tempted to get out the pressure washer and blast the pavers on the highest setting but this isn’t going to do the driveway any favours. If anything, it’ll do more harm than good. You need to use the proper cleaning approach, which we have detailed in this guide. But if you can, pressure washing should be avoided altogether. 

Of course, your driveway is prone to a build up of dirt, especially if it experiences high traffic so you’ll want to keep it clean. Moreover, you will need to make sure that the joints in between the pavers are kept free from weeds, dirt and debris. But this isn’t always as easy as it sounds. 

The problem is that some cleaning equipment could remove the jointing sand and this will cause the pavers to shift and ultimately weaken. Over time, this will shorten the lifespan of the drive and make it structurally unsound. 

There are sealants available that can be used on block paving and these act as a barrier against dirt and stains. Typically, they are brushed or sprayed on and need to be renewed periodically. 

Top 3 Block Paving Joint Cleaners

A block paving joint cleaner is a handy tool that will allow you to easily and more importantly, safely maintain your driveway. There are many on the market but after checking out several options, we found the following to be particularly noteworthy. 

Spear And Jackson The Paving Cleaner

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The last thing you want when cleaning your driveway is to have to bend over and hurt your back and this is one of the most impressive things about this block paving joint cleaner; you don’t have to strain yourself. It comes with a long 1.3m handle for excellent comfort while using. 

What’s more, the Spear and Jackson paving cleaner is designed with durable bristles that will easily rid your paving joints of weeds and other dirt. There is also a handy scraping tool attached to the side of the brush for stubborn areas.

Metal wire bristlesHandle durability could be better
Extendable handle
Scraping tool included

Garden Gear Electric Weed Sweeper

Electric Weed Sweeper Clears Drives Patios & Paving of Moss and Dirt 140 Watts by Garden Gear
  • 2 brushes; Supplied with a nylon and metal brush for all your cleaning needs
  • Safety features; The transparent safety hood protects your eyes from any discarded debris
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For anyone who wants an easy and effective way to clean their paving joints, this electric weed sweeper has everything you will need. It is fitted with dual wheels for excellent maneuverability and comes with a safety guard that protects you from flying debris. 

In addition, the Garden Gear electric weed sweeper comes with a choice of two brushes to tackle differing levels of dirt and weeds between pavers as well as a 10m power cord for easy reach to all areas of the drive. 

Long handleExpensive
Effortless to use

Amtech Telescopic Patio Cleaning Tool

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  • DIY STAPLE: The angled 3 row wire brush deeply goes into grooves, gaps, or joins for an effective...
  • SUPER VERSATILE: Supplied with a raking spike and ideal for clearing debris and moss from driveways,...
  • EASY TO USE: The plastic 89cm (35”) telescopic handle extends for harder to reach areas for a...

Extending to a maximum of 92cm, the Amtech block paving cleaner is ideal for people of all heights and won’t compromise on your comfort. It is made from reliable materials that will stand up to even the most challenging jobs. 

As well as the wire brush, the tool is fitted with a scraper to pull out more stubborn weeds and is lightweight.

Strong metal wire brushPlastic handle is not as durable as you would expect
Extendable handle
Comes with scraper tool


When it is time to refresh your driveway surface, practicality is one of the most important things to think about. You will find yourself looking for a reliable, durable and stable material that will provide you with the driveway of your dreams for many years to come. However, it is also important to keep in mind that the aesthetic appeal of the drive is just as important. 

For this reason, manufacturers make an array of block paving stone colours and there are a surprising number to choose from. Whether you want a modern and sleek finish or something a little more rustic and traditional, you’ll find a block paving colour that you love. 

Of course, the colour is just one thing to think about so before you commit to anything, be sure to follow our buying tips to ensure you are left with a beautiful and functional driveway. Once your driveway is laid, you will then need to make sure that it is kept clean and well maintained. While there are some cleaning techniques that should be avoided, a block paving joint cleaner will help to ensure that there is not a build up of weeds and debris without ruining the joints and causing the driveway to weaken or shift.

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