How Much Does A Fence Cost?

I can’t imagine my garden without fences. They add privacy, aesthetic value and can help to block out noise. What’s more, they’re a great way to divide your garden up as well as creating boundaries. But when it comes to installing new fences, a lot of people turn away in horror because of the cost. 

Yes, it’s true that some fence installations can be pricey but it’s a worthwhile investment. On the flip side, the cost of new fencing might not be as much as you had thought. But in any case, it’s good to be clued up. That way you’ll know what to expect and won’t be in for any nasty surprises. 

The average UK price for a garden fence installation can fall anywhere between £1000 and £2000. However, with budget fence panels going for around £30 while luxe panels can be as much as ten times that price, there is a lot of variation. 

In this guide, I’ll be discussing the average UK cost of new fencing based on materials, labour and other factors. 

What’s The Average Price Of A Fence In The UK?

According to CheckATrade, the average cost of a single fence panel is around £45. Of course, how many you need will determine the overall cost of materials. You may also need fence posts, although in some cases, the existing posts will be in good enough condition to keep. In any case, the average cost per post is around £25.50. Some fence panels could be as little as £30 each such as a traditional lap panel. However, if you wanted something more luxurious then you might end up paying as much as £300 per panel.

On top of this, you also need to think about the labour costs, unless you are planning to install the fence yourself. On average, you can expect to pay around £1450 for a 4 foot fence installation or £1850 for a 6 foot fence installation. 

Normally, the cost of new fencing won’t exceed £2000 and the lowest end of average is around £1000. But again, there are factors that will affect this and I’ll look at these in greater detail later in this guide. 

A lot of people are also keen to find out how long it takes to install a fence. In most cases, for a standard sized garden, you should expect the work to take around two days. 

What Affects The Cost Of Fencing?

Earlier I mentioned that there will be factors that’ll affect the cost of your fence installation. It goes without saying that smaller areas require fewer panels and less time to install so the cost will be lower. Perhaps one of the first things to consider, therefore, is the size of the space and the length of the area you would like fencing. 

In most cases, fence panels have a standard width of six feet. So you can simply measure the length of the area and divide this by six to figure out how many panels you’re going to need. 

But there are, of course, other things to think about so take a few moments to consider the following points. 

Fence Height

As well as the length of the fence, you’ll have to think about how high you would like it. Most homes in the UK have either four foot or six foot fences but there are other options out there.

It probably won’t come as much of a surprise that taller fences come with a higher pricetag; they’re made using more materials, after all. So, if you’re going for a six foot fence, then expect to pay up to £400 more for the installation compared to a four foot design. 

Fence Quality

Quality affects the cost of pretty much everything and fences are no exception. You must check the quality of the materials used to make the fence as this can directly impact the longevity and durability of the product. 

While you will pay slightly more for better quality fencing, it’s usually a good idea as it’ll last much longer meaning that you’ll spend less in the long run not having to replace the fence as soon. 

Materials And Finish

One of the main things that affects the quality  of a fence is the material from which it is made. I’m not referring to quality as we have just discussed but rather the type of material. 

Wooden fences are among some of the most common in the UK and they are certainly one of the best looking. However, they require a lot of maintenance which means that the ongoing costs tend to be higher as you’ll need to fork out for things like wood treatment and may have to replace panels sooner than you would compared to something like a metal fence.

And speaking of wood treatments, your installer will likely offer a service for this. If you choose to purchase this then you’ll have to factor this into the cost. However, if you’re adept with a paintbrush and have a spare Saturday then you could save money by staining the fence yourself.

Where Is The Fence Going To Be Placed?

Most garden fences are placed along an open border so this won’t affect the cost. However, if there are any hard to reach spots or the ground is uneven then the cost of installation will rise.


If you’re having a new fence fitted in the UK then you can expect to pay anywhere between £1000 and £2000. However, these are average prices and your installation could end up being a lot more or a lot less depending on things like how many panels you need, the height of the fence and the type of materials you use. 

You could stand to save a significant amount of money by installing the fence yourself. However, I’d urge you to consider using a professional as installing fences isn’t your average DIY job and often requires an experienced hand.

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