The Art of Laying Tarmac

In our overview article about tarmac laying, we discussed the fact that it’s not really a job for the ordinary handyman. This is because of the skill level required, the expense of getting in the specialist machinery, and knowing how to use it (see Tarmac Options For Your Driveway Or …

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Stepping Stones for Your Patio

A garden path made from stepping stones is one where the blocks, stones or flags that make up the path are laid down individually with gaps in between them. You need to take a step to get from one to the next, hence the name ‘stepping stones’. And although they …

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Getting The Levels Right on Your Patio

Getting the levels right on a patio is a time-consuming and pain-staking job, but putting effort into it will give you a patio that looks good and drains well. The alternative is a patio where the flags don’t line up correctly, there are height differences at the gaps that get …

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