Brush-in Driveway Jointing With Polymeric Resin Mortars

In this blog I’ll show you one of the easiest ways to finish a driveway, and also one of the most effective – brush-in polymeric resin mortar. You can get the polymeric resin mortars in two different consistencies – one is thinned with water so that it flows out of …

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Loose Jointing for Block Driveways

Have you ever thought about Loose Jointing for Block Driveways? Maybe you have just assumed it can’t be done or that “it’s too hard?” Well, the truth of the matter is loose joints are much easier and faster to install than most people think. In this article we will go …

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Paving a Front Garden: Step by Step Guide

Paving over a front garden is a great way of getting the extra parking space that modern families need. Particularly in over-crowded suburban areas which were built before cars came within reach of ordinary people. You can still pave over your front garden, it’s just a bit more admin and …

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